16 Romantic Pugs Help A Guy Propose Marriage



How do you make a proposal memorable? Round up a massive grumble of adorable pugs, attach big heart balloons to their collars, and take them to New York’s Central Park on a beautiful autumn day!

Poppy, the pug puppy (photo by Betsy Marzahn-Ramos)

The Bow Bridge (photo by Betsy Marzahn-Ramos)

Ed, who lives in London, contacted the New York City Pug Meetup group in the hopes he could get a few pugs to help him propose to his long-time love, Alex. He got 16.

Mr. Shiznit, 1 of 16 (photo by Kathy Delgado)

While Alex and Ed do not currently own a pug, Alex adores them. She lights up when she sees them and always stops to say hello.


So, this past Sunday, the pugs (and their owners) descended to the Bow Bridge in Central Park on a picture perfect fall afternoon.

Staging (photo by Wendy Frink)

Black pug, white balloon (photo by Wendy Frink)

Getting ready (photo by Wendy Frink)

Gus: The Romantic (photo by Wendy Frink)

Heart balloons in place, the pugs met Alex and Ed in the middle of the bridge and delighted Alex to no end.

The pugs strut their stuff (photo by Betsy Marzahn-Ramos)

Ed quickly dropped to one knee, and asked Alex to be his wife. She said “yes” and all the pugs cheered! (Or at least wonder where the hot dog stands were.)

On one paw (photo by Betsy Marzahn-Ramos)

The pugs sealed the deal (photo by Betsy Marzahn-Ramos)

Woohoo! (photo by Dana Mednick)

Alex was thrilled and immediately greeted all the pugs. “How did you do this?!” she said.

This is the face of excitement (photo by Betsy Marzahn-Ramos)

Britain may have Kate & William, but America has Hamilton Pug (photo by W. Frink)

Nothing compares to a pug snuggle (photo by Betsy Marzahn-Ramos)

“Is there a pug party?” asked strangers, who cooed over the cuddly pugs.

Furry cupids (photo by Dana Mednick)

Of course, post-engagement photos had to be taken.

Finn, Hamilton, Alex, Ed, Gus and Poppy (photo by W. Frink)

Pugs and humans (photo by W. Frink)

Annabelle looks for a hot dog cart (photo by W. Frink)

Finn and Ham: Bachelors (photo by Wendy Frink)

Every pug received a special tag to commemorate the epic event.

(photo by W. Frink)

Of course no trip to Central Park is complete without stopping at Bethesda Fountain.

Pug love (photo by Wendy Frink)

Alex, Ed and their new pug friends headed through the park for a celebratory drink.

Bailey wonders where her drink is (photo by Wendy Frink)

Love is tough work, man (photo by Wendy Frink)

Ed and Alex say they’ll never forget their afternoon in Central Park with 16 unforgettable furry friends.

(photo by Dana Mednick)

 (featured image by Frink/Mednick)