Cats = Jerks

28 Stolen Dog Beds that Reiterate Cats are Stingy Jerks


Our four-legged ruvs are quietly enduring small battles every day. Will they ever win? (Main image from here. :))

28. “Dog, you can haz cold floors.”


27. “Isn’t that rug nice, dog?”


26. “Why do we have to share?”



25. “Dis okay. I like da floor.”


24. “I think I’ve been tricked.”


23. “But I thought dis was mah new bed?”


22. “Cat, you say this one’s nicer, but I don’t believe you.”


21. “What can I say? I’m a softie.”


20. “Dog, look at all the cares I give.”


19. “They’re scary.”


18. “Cat says she needs room to stretch.”


17. “$%##$ cat…”


16. “This one is not more comfortable you feline jerk.”

15. “Invisible fwiend? Nah, I haz invisible cat.”


14. “No dog, humans definitely bought this for me.”



13. “I told the dog I needed the whole thing.”


12. “I’s fine here, mamz.”


11. “Don’t look him in the eyes, Woodrow.”


10. “Mamz, the cat is a jerk.”


9. “Dog says he gives up.”


8. “But she said it was hers!”


7. “But I like this one!”


6. “I made a bad trade.”


5. “Sit dog, you *are* the bed.”


4. “So are you.”


2. “No I don’t haz problem wif cat stealing mah bed.”

1. “Goshdarndogit, it’s my turn to steal now.”