19 Awkward Dogs Losing the Battle With Human Furniture


Pups and furniture: A match made in doggy heaven.  Unfortunately, not all dogs have mastered the art of sitting on hooman furniture.  Below are prime examples of, despite their best efforts, pups just being hilariously awkward on furniture.

1. “Sooo, this isn’t right, is it?”

Couch dog funny animals pictures humor

Image via Space-Cow

2. “Erf juff eergin urn yrded.”

Image via BoredAm

Image via BoredAm

3. “You hoomans should really consider cleaning in here.”

1 dog-in-couch-article

Image via NickMom

4. “Hey, don’t knock it until you try it.”


Image via Twisted Sifter

5. “Somewhere out there is a land just for me, full of fire hydrants and tennis balls.”

dog looking out window

Image via Amazing-Creature

6. “I’d change the channel but I can’t find the remote…and I’m not getting up.”


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7. “What started out as a relaxing day hasn’t gone as planned.”


Image via Twenty Two Words

8. “I think we need a bigger couch.”


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9. “Ok, I’m not gonna lie…this seemed like a better idea in my head.”

Collie stuck

Image via Kulfoto

10. “I…am…so…comfy.”

Dog sprawled on couch

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11. “I uh, I have no idea what’s going on here.”

Sleeping dog

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Dog sleep chair table

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13. “I’m not sure about this carpet…throws off my Feng Shui.”

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Image via Space-Cow

14. “Oh, so I suppose you figured out how to sit on this thing your first time?”

Sitting dog on couch

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15. I’m working on my ‘Upward Dog’ yoga form.

Funny dog sitting oddly

Image via Pinterest

16. “Um, little help over here.”

Husky stuck in couch


17. “Mom, I’m just so bored!”


Image via Bajiroo

18. “Sit down.  I think we need to have a talk about the treats situation in this house.”


Image via @EvelynnPaulaa

19. “Shhhh, I’m hiding out for a while.  If anyone asks…the cat did it.”

Cushion dog

Image via Doggie Heaven Hotel

Featured image via Modernica.