15 Pups Who Are TOTALLY Stuffing Themselves This Thanksgiving

15 Pups Who Are TOTALLY Stuffing Themselves This Thanksgiving

To celebrate the launch of the BarkShop’s new Thanksgiving Collection, we asked the BarkPack pups for photos highlighting the most important part of Thanksgiving– eating so much that you literally pass the pup out– or, in other words, just a totally #StuffedPup ;P. 

Peep the BarkPack’s entries below, and get those turkeys ready ‘cause the feast is almost upon us humans! And be sure to get your BarkShop orders in quick to fetch some goodies for Thanksgiving!

1. “Beach season is a lifetime away mom.” #LeaveMeAlone

via @emwng

via @emwng

2. “Ironically the French are known for a reasonable, non-gluttonous diet.” #WhoWouldaThunkIt

3. “After the 10th stuffed turkey things started to get hazy.”

4. “Just because they look like vegetables doesn’t mean they’re healthy.” #MyBadBro

5. “Now I know how a turkey feels.”

6. “Why…why did I eat all of that?” #ImmediatelyRegretThisDecision

7. “Dude I am not even sorry right now.” #JudgeAllYouWant

8. “Mooooooom the food turned on me so bad, so bad… I need belly rubs!”

9. “Take a good look ladies, this is what a real dog looks like.”

10. “Imma just lay here like dis until you get da message.” #RubDatStuffedBelly

11. “My hooman has this breakfast thing down pat!” #GoodHooman

12. “I’ll go outside and exercise when you bring my balls back. How ’bout that?”

13. “I got 99 problems and they all include not having enough treats.” #MorePlz

14. “I’m so full, I couldn’t have another b– hey is that pie??”

15. “Dieting is so mainstream. Totally not into it.”

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Featured Image via @montethemaltese