25 Gifts For Spoiled Dogs Who Don’t Know They’re Dogs

25 Gifts For Spoiled Dogs Who Don’t Know They’re Dogs

With the holiday season fast approaching, you’ve probably been wondering: what will I get for that special pup in my life? Or at least using that thought to distract you from shopping for your Dad. (There’s never anything good to get Dad, ugh…) In the meantime check out this pawesome list of gifts for the pup who has everything. 😉

1. Paw Plunger, $25.18. You might be accused of letting your pup “walk all over” you from time to time, but never let it be said that they do it with muddy paws! This paw plunger will help you limit dirty paws and muddy traction throughout your home.

gift 16

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2. American Beagle Outfitters Bone Zone Beanie, $9.71. This Bone Zone Beanie will keep their furry heads warm in chilly weather while attracting that Pomeranian they’ve been eyeing at the doggie park. Welcome to Swag Town, Pup. Population: you! 😉

bone zone

Image via American Eagle Outfitters

3. The Canine Treadmill, $649.95. As the weather gets colder, you’re not the only one who would prefer the gym. Give you pup a warmer alternative to the doggie park with this convenient treadmill. That way they exercise without ever taking an eye off those precious toys of theirs.

gift 5

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4. Pet Stairs, $51.99. No matter how much you pawtest against your pup climbing into your bed you know your night would be a little lonelier without them in it. Help them keep you company with these puptastic pet stairs!

gift 24

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5. Holiday Bow Tie Collar, $45. These adorable bow tie collars will help your dog get away with more than those puppy eyes ever could on their own. They’ll also fit right in with any pawliday festivities!

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6. Good Dog Holiday Bucket, $38. Reward your obviously deserving pup with this bucket of Harry Barker goodies. They wont know which to chew through first!

gift 31

Image via Harry Barker

7. The Canines Raincoat, $50. For the dog that “doesn’t do the whole rain thing.”

gift 10

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8. Petmate replendish Waterer, $18.99 – $29.99. The only thing worse than a bad fetch throw has to be an empty water dish. Spare your dog the wait with this waterer that filters AND leaves your dog with continuous water supply throughout the day. Only the best for your pooch.

gift 22

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9. Dog Stroller w/ Rain Cover, $147.97. A long take can take a toll on those four little paws of theirs. Help your dog catch a break with this stroller.

gift 17

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10. Booties, $55.41. Dog booties are a must in the colder days! Not only will your dog stay warm but will avoid icy paws and dangerous rock salt – and look so fly doing it!

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11. Chuck It, $6.49 – $11.69. Regardless of how much your dog adores your playtime sessions, your throw is simply no match for this fetching toy. Only a fetch cannon will do! The chuck it will leave your dog happy and tired (win for all!)

gift 25

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12. Play Balls Gift Bucket, $32. These printed good dog tennis balls will finally solve your neighborhood quarrels over whose ball is really in your yard.

gift 32

Image via Harry Barker

13. Hemp Tweed Bed, $200. To be honest, your bed will probably always be their first pick. Regardless, a comfy cozy second they can call their own is essential. This dog bed’s neutral tone will blend perfectly with any décor and looks cozy enough or us to want to trade!

gift 33

Image via Harry Barker

14. New York Dog Ugly Holiday Sweater, $14.99. No pup left behind! Bring him along to your next pawliday pawty or at least have them dress the part in one of these awesome ugly sweaters. Besides, that invite said you could bring a plus one, right? Who else but your darlin’ dog!?

ugly sweater

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15. Uncle Milton Pet’s Eye View Camera, $79.99. This pawesome pet camera hooks onto your dog’s collar, helping you solve the mystery of what your mischievous pupper is really up to all day. To top it off your dog can finally have their chance to achieve the YouTube stardom they’ve been dreaming of. 😉

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16. Personalized Dog Tags, $9.99. During the holidays there’s nothing worse than being referred to as “the dog”. Help your dog take a stand with these detailed dog tags.

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17. Snuggly Dog Leg Warmers, $18. Does your dog have barre class fever? Ok maybe that’s you…. either way these snuggly leg warmers make for a pupfect addition to your doggie’s wardrobe.

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18. American Beagle Outfitters Puffer Jacket, $23.97. This adorable puffer jackets is a must to keep your stylish pup warm! Pawrents can even match with their pups although this is probably inevitable. 😉 “No Mom I refuse to match. Find your own store…”

puffer vest red

Image via American Eagle Outfitters

19. Burt’s Bee Paw & Nose Lotion, $10.99. Burt’s bees Paw & Nose Lotion is essential to keeping your dog’s paws and noses puppy soft throughout the winter. Moisturizing is everything!



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20. Juicy Crittoure Pawfume by Juicy Couture, $10.75. This Juicy Crittoure Pawrfume will leave them smelling fresh and help step up their dog park date game. 😉

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21. Personalized Throw Pillow, $23.95. Lets face it… your dog probably takes over most of your furniture already. These personalized pillows complete with your dog’s name and description will help you keep a little pride as they take over the living room. I mean it did have their name on it.

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22. Personalized Food and Water Bowls, $19.99. These personalized dog bowls will finally help your pooch keep those kids from eating off their plates. Or is it the other way around?


gift 50

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23. Custom Pet Portrait Pop Art, $40. A pup art portrait so your dog can look at their charming selves anytime any day.

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24. Stogie Fetch Stick, $8. This stogi fetch stick will help your dog act like the boss they truly are.

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25.BarkBox, $19-$29/month depending on length of subscription and size of pup

A monthly box of pawsome hand-picked toys and treats delivered to right to their door! A special pup deserves a special delivery!