What Breed Is My Dog? [Try this App!]

What Breed Is My Dog? [Try this App!]

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“What breed is your dog?!?” As a dog parent, this is probably one of the most-asked questions you get. It’s also one of the things that might drive you mad with curiosity. Knowing more about your dog’s breed and DNA can help you understand everything from health, to why he freezes up anytime he sees a squirrel. Luckily there are a few ways to figure it out!

Most Accurate Way to Figure Out Your Dog’s Breed: Embark DNA Test

The company was founded by two dog-loving brothers, one of which is a Cornell University genetics professor. Even Oprah backs these guys. Testing for you, and you, and you!


    -With just a cheek swab, you can find out the breed breakdown of your pup!
    -Over 90% of reviews on Amazon are 5-star
    -For a cheaper, and reportedly less accurate test, check out Wisdom Panel!

BUY HERE, $149

Less Accurate (But free!) Way to Figure Out Your Dog’s Breed: What Dog App

Here at BARK we were pretty excited when we learned about Fetch!, a new Microsoft-made app for iPhones that identifies your dog’s breed when you take their picture. We took a spin with our pawffice dogs to play Fetch! and see if we could learn a thing or two about our favorite pups. And boy did we.

All in all we were pretty darn impressed. Sometimes, What Dog absolutely nailed it, but other times, well…

1. Judah Bear
Casey, Judah’s mom, says: “The adoption papers said Judah was a Yorkie, but he grew longer, and now I’m pretty sure he’s an Australian Terrier.”

What Dog says:

judah bear
2. Fidel
Jessica, Fidel’s mom, says: “Fidel is a Chihuahua/Jack Russell.”

What Dog says:

3. Noodle
Jonathan, Noodle’s dad, says: “Noodle is 50% Alien, 50% Meatball. And some say Pug.”
What Dog says:

A couple times, What Dog missed the mark:

4. Ricky
Brandon, Ricky’s dad, says: “He’s a Chihuahua, according to the adoption papers.”

What Dog says:

5. Panda
Val, Panda’s dad, says: “Panda is an Australian Cattle Dog.”

What Dog says:

6. Lua
Mike, Lua’s dad, says: “Lua is a one year old Australian Cattle Dog mixed with something small.”

What Dog says:

7. Charlie
Perry, Charlie’s mom, says: “Charlie is a Cockapoo and he gets embarrassed every time I say the word…”

What Dog says:

And in some cases, What Dog might’ve found something we didn’t know:

8. Pixel
Charlotte, Pixel’s mom, says: “I think Pixel’s a Shiba Inu-ish mix? I don’t know for sure.”

What Dog says:

9. Ziggy
Zoe, Ziggy’s mom, says: “I think he’s a Pit-Hound mix but I’ve ALWAYS thought he had a little Great Dane in him.”

What Dog says:

10. Benji
Tazz, Benji’s mom, says: “I think he’s like a Terrier mix or maybe a PBGV.”

What Dog says:

What Dog can be played more than once. You can take more than one picture and compare results

11. Toby
Kenny, Toby’s dad, says: “Toby is a Chihuahua-Shiba Inu mix.”

What Dog says:

Nice catch, What Dog Toby, give us another angle darling. That’s it! Oh… wait…

Or if you want, you can even run the same picture more than twice:

12. Pimm

Stacie, Pimm’s mom, says: “When I did the Wisdom Panel DNA test, it said she is Chihuahua, Russell Terrier, Staffordshire Terrier!

What Dog says:

And on second thought, What Dog says:

And, just for poops and giggles, we thought we’d run a few humans through the app. And What Dog is totally in on the joke:

13. Melissa
Melissa says: “I’m a human, but if I was a dog I’d be a Dachshund.”

And sometimes, What Dog reveals dark truths about you or your friends.

14: Zoe
Zoe says: “I mean, I definitely think I’m a human.”

Is this dog person… a dog, person??? Remember to use What dog carefully. You never know what you’ll find out.

We had so much fun using What Dog around the pawffice, we think you’d enjoy it too! Download Fetch!

All images featured above taken on author’s iPhone using What Dog with the permission of the dog’s and their humans.

Featured Image of Mister Griff. 😛