31 Best Dog Toys of 2020 That’ll Give Your Pup the Zoomies

31 Best Dog Toys of 2020 That’ll Give Your Pup the Zoomies
Looking for the best dog toys in 2019? Well, you’ve come to the right place. So what are the characteristics of the “best dog toys” you ask? Well first, they have to hold your pup’s attention. These aren’t just any old dog toy, to be the best a toy must exercise your puppers mind as well as his body. Ideally, they should also be durable enough to last through some pretty rough play sessions (even if your pup is a Super Chewer). The toys on this list aren’t all new releases. Instead, they are the tried-and-true, best-reviewed, owner-recommended items from top pet suppliers like Amazon, ChuckIt!, and BarkShop. If you’re looking for the best of the best in dog toys for 2020, this list has you covered. Don’t just take my word for it, check them out for yourself…

1. BarkBox

Available for $24.95 on BarkBox

What if I told you that you could get the best dog toys on the market (along with some other surprises for your pup) delivered right to your door every month? Well with BarkBox, you can! For just $25 a month BarkBox contains 2 original toys, 2 bags of treats, and 1 meaty chew — all tailored to your pup’s personal tastes. (Check out previous theme reveals here!) This monthly subscription box will have your pup waiting at the door for #barkboxday. With its great toys for an even better price, this innovative dog subscription box has made the top of our list. Sign up here and receive a free extra toy every month. — This deal is worth up to $120 in value if you sign up for a 12-month subscription! 🙂

2. LickCroix Pamplemutt Flavor

Available for $12.99 on Amazon

The water won’t be the only thing sparkling when you treat your pup to a “LickCroix”. Watch your pups eyes light up as you pull the plush squeaker toy out of The Muttini Bar- because when it comes to your dog its always happy hour. This creative parody of the popular bubbly drink La Croix certainly caught our eye and is sure to become a toy everyone will enjoy.

3. Benebone Bacon Flavor Wishbone

rotwieler benebone

Available for $10.00 on Barkshop

Looking for the perfect dog bone for your Super Chewer? Well, Benebone has your back. With just bacon and nylon (a classic tough-to-chew component) this two-ingredient Benebone Bacon Flavor Wishbone is super-durable and anything but your dog’s average chew toy. An awesome toy for any heavy chewer!

4. Scrunch Bunch Bunny

Available for $14.98 on Amazon

Tug, scrunch, squeak with the Scrunch Bunch Bunny. With one rope and one grip handle ensuring easy play (for both you and your pup), you’re bound to have a blast. Plus, it’s made with K9 tuff guard material to keep the fun going on and on.

5. Hide-A-Squirrel Toy

outward hound toy

Available for $7.99 on Amazon

Want to get your pup a toy he’ll go nuts over? Well, now you can. Treat your dog to an enticing game of hide & squeak with this Hide-A-Squirrel Squeaker Toy. With 3 mini squeaky squirrels and a puzzle tree trunk, this toy is a challengingly interactive and a proven boredom buster. So finally give your pup the satisfaction of chasing down his furry foe.

6. Lady Liberty Ball Plush Dog Toy

lady liberty dogtoy

Available for $10.00 at Barkshop

Add a dash of patriotism to your games of fetch with this Lady Liberty squeaker ball. This innovative new dog toy offers two toys in one, making the Lady Liberty Ball Plush Dog Toy close to the top of the list for the Best Dog Toys of 2019. With a soft plush outside and a spiky squeaker ball interior, this toy is custom-made to withstand the perils of both dachshunds and democracy.

7. Figure 8 Rope Toy

toppaw figure 8 rope toy

Available for $13.00 at PetSmart

With multiple ways to play, this durable rope toy has easily found its way onto our list. With its figure 8 design, knotted rope texture, and rubber middle this toy is made for play. Holding strong during long chewing sessions, a fun game of fetch, and even that game of tug that makes your arms feel like jelly.

8. Dingbert The Dragon

Golden doodle with dragon toy

Available for $9.99 at Target

In the two years this toy has been at Target, it’s consistently been the best performing dog toy. Why Dingbert The Dragon is such a fan-favorite among the pupper crowd? It could be his crinkly wings or his dual squeaker body, but I’d link to think it’s because he’s just so freakin cute. Authors Note – Dingbert The Dragon was my dog Mavericks ~favorite~ toy as a puppy.

9. Romp-n-Roll Jolly Ball

jolly ball

Available for $19.56 on Amazon

Designed to be kicked, tugged, thrown, carried, and launched- this toy does it all. For the ultimate all-weather toy that stands up to even the strongest Super Chewers, this Romp-n-Roll Jolly Ball will quickly become your new best friend. Made right here in the USA this classic dog toy will bring fun to any adventure.

10. Bark Pong Multi-Part Dog Toy

Available for $10.00 on Barkshop

Be the life of the paw-rty with the Bark Pong Champion Multipart Dog Toy. With plush ping pong balls, crinkly cup, and durable ballistic nylon seams, your pup will definitely remember all the fun they had the next morning.

11. Max Glow Ball

Available for $3.95 on Amazon

What could be better than a toy that allows you to play with your pup at any hour? According to my dog Maverick (featured above), it’s never too late for a game of fetch. With the ChuckIt! Max Glow Ball you can make this dream a reality. It’s bright glow and ridged texture make it easy to grip and locate in the dark. Warning!! May promote sleeplessness – because if your dog’s anything like mine, the ChuckIt! Max Glow Ball allows for a game of fetch that never has to end.

12. A Snuffle Mat (Nosework Feeding Mat)

Snuffle Mat

Available for $26.48 on Amazon

Engage your dog’s sense of smell, and puts his nose and brain to work as he “hunts” for food with this Snuffle Nosework/Feeding Mat. Hiding treats within the scruffy mat encourages your pup’s natural foraging skills and is yet another way to slow down a speedy eater. Perfect for any breed, any age, and any size dog.

13. RuffWear Frisbee

dog on beach with frisbee

Available for $24.95 on Amazon

Got a disc dog in the family? For a pupper who loves a high-flying game of fetch, the RuffWear Frisbee is the perfect option. This durable yet lightweight design means your pup can keep playing in any weather and on any surface. Even buoyant in the water, it’s Hydro Plane design allows it to float atop the surface for dogs that love splashing in the ocean, lake, river, or pool.

14. Odd Ollie The Octopus

Available for $11.99 at Target

Is your dog ready to dive Under the Seams? Odd Ollie The Octopus is anything but an airhead with his Squeaky Spiky Ball brain surrounded by double stuffing in his head- he’s a toy that’s full of surprises. Add in his eight legs filled with Crazy Crinkle. Ollie makes the perfect toy for super-satisfying gnashing and thrashing.

15. Bacon Bubble Blower

Available for $27.95 on Amazon

Sorry to burst your bubble… but as much as your dog loves you sometimes a doggo needs some cool and creative dog toys to keep him entertained. With this Bacon flavored Bubble Blower your dog will be popping with excitement. Just when you thought your pup couldn’t get any bubblier! These 100% non-toxic and tear-free dog bubbles are sure to blow your pup’s mind.

16. Busy Buddy Tug-A-Jug

tug a jug

Available for $10.95 on Amazon

Keep your pup preoccupied with the Petsafe Busy Buddy Tug-A-Jug! This durable interactive feeder toy is a playful puzzle for your pup to decode! For hours of play, fill the bottle with your pup’s dinner and watch as the Tug-A-Jug not only extends meal time but makes it more fun!

17. Consuela The Cactus

Available for $9.99 on Amazon and Barkshop

Consuela The Cactus– she is 😉 on the outside but ☹️ on the inside. Appearance isn’t the only prickly thing about Consuela, with a Spiky Ball core and a hidden bonus toy inside she is all kinds of sharp! As part of the dog toy collection “Best Toys Ever” (an innovative Bark collection that has been play-tested and approved by 50 million dogs), it’s no wonder Consuela made our list.

18. Dog Tornado Puzzle Toy

Available for $3.99 on Amazon

When my pup is bored, my house can end up looking a little bit like the scene of a natural disaster. With the Outward Hound Nina Ottosson Dog Tornado Puzzle Toy, you can keep your doggo engaged and your home in one piece (hopefully). This spinning dog treat dispenser game is strong, safe, durable, and perfect for beating boredom.

19. Popcorn Burrow Bucket

Available for $13.99 on ZippyPaws

Can you think of a butter way to enjoy this classic movie theater snack than by sharing with your pup? Probably not, so here’s a kernel of wisdom… you can’t bring your dog to the movies but with the ZippyPaws Burrow – Popcorn Bucket you can bring the movies to him. This interactive hide-and-seek toy comes with 1 popcorn bucket and 3 small squeaky popcorn balls. Let your pup dig in this salty snack or pull out the kernels to see how many your pup can catch!

20. Bully Stick Holder

Available for $16.95 on BullyGrip

Keep your pup preoccupied with this colorful non-toxic Bully Stick Holder! Made with non-toxic chew resistant rubber this two-part toy doubles as both a holder for your pups favorite treat as well as a chew toy.

21. Penny The Pineapple

Available for $9.99 on Amazon and Barkshop

Luau? More like Lu-WOW. Not to skewer the girl, but Penny is not all that she seems. When your dog tears through her happy exterior, a sadder Penny is revealed. Crazy crinkle leaves only add to the drama. With a Spiky Ball Core and hidden bonus toy Penny The Pineapple is one fine-apple and a toy your dog is bound to love.

22. Puzzle Cube Interactive Squeaky Dog Toy with 2 Tennis Balls

Available for $9.99 on Amazon

Puzzle your pup with the Outward Hound Puzzle Cube Interactive Squeaky Dog Toy! With two squeaky tennis balls for double the fun, this durable synthetic rubber cube makes for an interactive and stimulating game for easy play both indoors and out.

23. American Classic Plush Toy Collection

corgi at barbeque dog toys

Available for $49.99 on PetPlay

Give your pup the meal of his dreams with the American Classic Plush Toy Collection! This plush collection includes one juicy burger, a drumstick, a classic hot dog, a large side of fries, and one sweet milkshake to wash it all down.

24. Bijou’s Glass of Bubbly

Available for $10.00 on BarkShop

Say “Cheers” with Bijou’s Glass of Bubbly, a treat-fillable champagne flute dog toy your dog can’t wait to sip (and chew). This toy is made with tough transparent rubber, and the walls of the flute are filled with distilled water. You can freeze this toy for a frosty treat (or teething chew), or play with it at room temperature. The distilled water is pure tummy-safe H20, so it won’t ruin anything if your dog manages to break on through. The inside is hollow, perfect for stuffing treats inside, and the slotted treat opening will make your mutt work for their reward. So throw some peanut butter inside, pour yourself a glass, and raise a toast to tremendous fun!

25. Chuckit! Indoor Ball

Available for $3.99 on Amazon

This lightweight plush dog ball is the perfect solution to all your indoor fetch troubles. With Bounceflex Core Technology the Chuckit! Indoor Ball protects surfaces from impact and creates an exciting bounce for your pup!

26. Loopy Hedgehog Squeaky Plush

Available for $7.49 on Amazon

Help your dog “get his squeak on” with the ZippyPaws – Loopy Hedgehog No Stuffing Squeaky Plush Dog Toy. With 6 squeakers and no stuffing, this toy is all the fun- without the mess. The ring shape makes this toy an easy favorite for a great game of tug or the perfect nose warmer!

27. Benedrool

Available for $10.00 on BarkShop

Is your dog allergic to boredom? Grab a dose of Benedrool! This BARK Original is made with a full-body spiky squeaker cylinder, covered in plush and loaded with rattles. Stuffing-free, your pup can even tear off the pill’s fabric cover and keep the good times growling with the tough squeaker inside. No prescription necessary.

28. Goblets Pig Latex Dog Toy

Available for $3.99 on Amazon

Looking for a toy that’s not a boar? The Goblets Pig Latex Dog Toy has you covered. With a durable latex outer coating and a plush inside this toy is perfect for any Super Chewer! Raised green polka dots and soft spikes that protrude from its body make this toy unique and create new sensations when biting down. Plus! Instead of using a typical squeaker, this toy makes a realistic pig noise that’s certain to give your pupper something to bark about. This is one toy your dog is bound to hog.

29. Chuck It! Ultra Sling

Available for $14.98 on Amazon

Looking to take your classic game of fetch to the next level? With Chuck It! Ultra Sling now you can! Load the Ultra Dart and watch as your dog chases after the erratic spinning thing in an excited frenzy.

30. Playactin’ Paddy Possum Toy

Playactin' Paddy

Available for $11.99 at Target and BarkShop

While he may be a good thespian, Playactin’ Paddy Possum won’t have your smart pupper fooled. Packed with tons of fluff and covered in super shreddable fur, Playactin’ Paddy is the perfect toy for your dog to cuddle or chomp! With a full body tube squeaker inside to keep things exciting and an extra long tail for thrashing Playactin’ Paddy is ready to wrestle. This awesome dog toy is bound to keep your pup playing!

31. Wobble Wag Giggle Ball Dog Toy

Available for $11.00 at Chewy

This interactive play ball works to engage your pupper through sounds, colors, and motion! With noises designed to mimic human laughter and joy and a series of flashing colors, this toy is bound to distract even the most curious pups. The Wobble Wag Giggle Ball is a great solution for the pup in your life who needs a little extra ta entertainment.

Looking for tough dog toys? The Super Chewer box is made for pups who deserve a challenge. Every month, receive two fluff-free toys, two full-size bags of all-natural treats, and two delicious chews. Sign up here and get one month free on any 6-or 12-month plan! (edited) 

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