What’s A Good Dog Gift For A New Baby?

What’s A Good Dog Gift For A New Baby?

Getting ready for a new baby is one of the most exciting times in any family. And for the humans, there’s plenty of time to prepare. You have time to read the baby books, baby proof the house (no sharp corners!), and get the nursery all set up and ready for your little bundle of joy.

But for your dog, adding a new baby can be stressful. In the months leading up to the birth, they understand that something is up, but there’s no way for them to mentally prepare for a new, tiny human coming into their home (and stealing all the attention).

If you want your dog to adjust to the new addition to the family, you need to help them get used to the new reality of a baby. And a great way to do that is through gifts.

But what, exactly, is the best dog gift for a new baby?

A Baby Blanket

Man with his Shih-Tzu

You want to get your dog used to the smell of his new brother or sister as soon as possible. So after the baby is born, get them all snuggled up in a blanket. Then, bring that blanket home to your dog. Let your pup sniff the blanket in his own time.

By the time you bring home your new addition, your dog will at least be somewhat familiar with the baby’s scent. And that will make him feel much more comfortable having the little one in the home.

A New Toy That Engages Their Brain

hide n slide toy barkbox

The first weeks with a new baby can be completely overwhelming for parents. There’s so much to do to take care of your little one, and any free moments you do have are probably spent trying to get some shut-eye.

With so much going on, you’re not going to be able to give your dog the attention they’re probably used to having. But you don’t want them to feel bored and neglected!

Get your dog a new toy that really challenges and engages him, like a Puzzle Toy. That way, they have something to keep them preoccupied while you’re busy changing diapers. And they won’t feel sad or neglected in the process!

(Also, remember—even though bringing home a baby can be one of the busiest and most overwhelming times of your life, it’s important to carve out at least a few minutes a day to give your pup some love and attention. They’re part of the family, too!)

A Dog Subscription Box

Super Chewer BarkBox and person

No matter what toy you get your pup, it’s only going to keep them engaged for so long. (Eventually, they’re going to figure out the puzzle!) So if you want to keep your dog happy and entertained as you tend to your new baby, you may need to consistently introduce new toys, treats, and chews for them to play with.

And the best way to do that? With a subscription box. But not just any subscription box—the BarkBox!

With Bark Box, you’ll get a curated selection of 2 new toys, 2 bags of treats, and a meaty chew for your dog every month—plenty to keep them entertained while you’re busy with the baby. And as your baby grows and gets closer to your pup, they’ll have plenty to play with—together!