What Does A Dog’s Body Language Mean?

What Does A Dog’s Body Language Mean?

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What Does My Dog’s Body Language Mean?

For us humans, it can sometimes be difficult to tell exactly WHAT you pup is saying. However, your dog communicates better than you think–you just need to watch them. A dog’s body language can speak volumes about what they’re thinking, feeling and trying to say.

However, never fear, because these easy-to-read and adorable charts by doge illustrator and artist Lili Chin help translate pupspeak! So now, that side-eye they throw you? You’ll know EXACTLY what they mean (and yes, it’s sassy). 🙂

Calming signals

Your dog may sense you’re upset, and will display the below signals to try to help you feel better (or de-escalate a situation).


Your dog’s mood

Since they don’t wear a mood ring, here are some common signs that you can look for to interpret if they’re feeling happy, sad, anxious, or excited.


What they feel about your greeting

Not every greeting is created equal. If you want to greet a dog in a way that’s natural for them, make sure to approach to the side and let them sniff you. The most common mistake is to go directly for a pat on the head. That’s actually something most dogs consider a very aggressive move. For more things to avoid, check out below!


Featured Image via Doggie Drawings, Lili Chin

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