What Are Some Creative Gift Basket Ideas For Dog Lovers?

What Are Some Creative Gift Basket Ideas For Dog Lovers?

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In life, there are a ton of occasions that will pop up that require sending a gift. But why send a gift when you can send a whole basket?

Gift baskets are a fantastic option for any person in your life—and that includes dog lovers. But if you want to assemble the perfect gift basket for the dog lover in your life, you need to get creative.

So what are some creative gift basket ideas for dog lovers—and what should you include in those gift baskets?

Let’s take a look at some of the most creative gift basket ideas for dog lovers, broken down by occasion:

For The Brand New Dog Lover!

There are few occasions more exciting than bringing home a brand new puppy. And there are few occasions where a gift basket is more appropriate! If the dog lover in your life just welcomed a four-legged family member, there are a TON of things they need to get for their puppy—things you can get for them and put in their gift basket.

If you’re assembling a gift basket for a brand new pet parent, here are a few items you might want to add:

Dog Chews

Puppy with chew

If there’s one thing puppies love to do, it’s chew—and if they don’t have something to chew on, they’ll chew on shoes, furniture, fingers…you name it.

That’s why Dog Chews, like the Tendon Chews, makes the perfect addition to a puppy gift basket. The puppy has something delicious to satisfy their chomp instinct and the new pet parents gets to keep their fingers intact. It’s a win-win

Dog Treats

Pomeranian Being Served Dog Treats

One of the most important things any new pet parent can do is train their puppy. And in order to train them, they’ll need treats—and lots of them.

Throw a few bags of healthy, grain-free treats (like the Boardwalk Bites or the Pterodactyl Treats) into your “welcome to the family, puppy!” gift basket. Treats will make training easier for the pet parent and the puppy. And both will be sure to thank you!

Puppy Blanket

Premium Microfiber Pet Blanket

Babies need baby blankets—and puppies need puppy blanket! Help your dog lover’s new pet stay warm and cozy with this Premium Microfiber Pet Blanket.

New Puppy Gift Basket

Puppy gift basket

If you don’t want to assemble your own gift basket, a ready-made one—like this puppy-themed Dog Gift Basket—is a time saving alternative.

For The Dog Lover Who Just Brought Home A Baby!

Bringing home a dog baby is super exciting. But so is bringing home an actual baby! If the dog lover in your life just added a new baby to the family, you’re going to want to send gifts—for the parents, for the baby, and for the dog.

If you’re putting together a gift basket for someone who just added a baby to their family, here are a few items you’ll definitely want to check out:

Pete The Frankly Fantastic Unicorn

Plushie unicorn

New parents will spend a lot of time cuddling their baby—and perhaps not as much time cuddling their pup. A plush toy, like Pete the Frankly Fantastic Unicorn, can help fill that cuddle void.

Matching dog and baby outfits

Best friends outfits

Hopefully, dog and new baby will be best friends for life. And these matching baby and dog outfits are the perfect way to illustrate that friendship.

“Every Dog Needs A Baby” Onesie

Baby onesie

Every dog needs a baby—and your dog lover’s new baby will make that message clear with this adorable onesie.


Small dog with BarkBox

New parents have an endless list of to-dos—and, often times, shopping for their dog falls to the bottom of the list. Take something off their plate—and keep their dog stocked in plenty of treats—with BarkBox! You can either order a box and add it to the gift basket or get the new parents a subscription (and make sure their dog is taken care of for months to come).

For A Dog Lover At Christmas

Christmas is synonymous with joy, family, festivity, and togetherness. One other thing the Christmas season is synonymous with? Gifts, of course!

A merry gift basket is a great way to send love to the dog lover in your life (and their pooch!) during the most wonderful time of the year. If you want to send some gifts over this Christmas, here are some Xmas-centric items you should consider throwing in the basket:

Christmas Stocking For Dogs

Christmas Stocking For Dogs

If the dog lover in your life celebrates Christmas, this Christmas Stocking for Dogs is the perfect addition to your holiday gift basket. Each stocking is stuffed with four dog toys—plenty to keep their pup occupied through the holidays and into the new year!

Christmas Jingle Bell Collar

Jingle Bell Collar

With this Christmas Jingle Bell Collar, your loved one’s dog could easily double as one of Santa’s reindeer.

Personalized Dog Bone Ornament

Personalized dog bone ornament

Want to lend some dog-centric cheer to your loved one’s tree? Add this personalized dog bone ornament to their gift basket!

Pre-Made Holiday Gift Basket

Holiday gift basket

You can assemble your own Christmas gift basket to send to the dog lover in your life. Or, you can save time and send them this ready-made gift basket. It comes packed with treats and toys—everything a dog needs for a happy ho-ho-holiday season!

For A Dog Lover During Hanukkah

You send a Christmas-themed gift basket for the dog lovers in your life that celebrate Christmas. And if the dog lover in your life is Jewish, you send a Hanukkah-themed gift basket.

Here are a few Hanukkah items you’ll definitely want to add to your gift basket:

Hanukkah dog collar

Hanukkah dog collar

Hanukkah last for eight days and nights—plenty of time to rock a new collar! This hanukkah dog collar from Etsy shop Labradoodle Collars, is the perfect collar to celebrate the holiday.

Hanukkah kit

Hanukkah kit

There are enough toys and treats in BarkShop’s Hanukkah kit to make a gift basket of its own—and to keep any pup stocked in Hannukah-themed goodies long after the holiday is through!

Hanukkah Dog Ornament

Hanukkah ornament

Plenty of people who celebrate Hanukkah have a tree—and for them, this Hanukkah Dog Ornament makes for the perfect gift basket addition.

For A Dog Lover On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the holiday of love. And let’s be real—what does a dog lover love more than their pooch? Nothing, of course!

A dog-themed gift basket is a great way to spread the love next Valentine’s Day. Need some ideas of what to include? Try these items:

Dog Valentine’s Cards

Dog Valentine's Cards

Want to let your loved one know you think they’re “pawsome?” Let them know with these handmade dog Valentine’s cards!

Claudia’s Canine Cuisine Cookies

Canine cookies

One of the best gifts you can give for Valentine’s Day? Sweets, of course! These pink and white cookies from Claudia’s Canine Cuisine are a perfect way for pups to celebrate the holiday.

“My Dog Is My Valentine” T-shirt

Dog Valentines Shirt

For dog lovers, there’s no competition—the best Valentines have four legs. Get the dog lover in your life a shirt that says as much with this “My Dog Is My Valentine” tee.

For a Dog Lover On Their Birthday (Or Their Dog’s Birthday!)

If there’s one day a year that someone is pretty much guaranteed presents, it’s their birthday. So if you have a dog-loving friend or family member with a birthday coming up (or their dog!), why just send a gift—when you can send a whole basket?

Here are a few items that are perfect for any birthday gift basket—for dogs or humans:

Birthday Hats

Party on hat

Every birthday party needs some festive accessories—and these “Party On” hats from BarkShop are just as adorable on humans as they are on pups.

“Let’s Pawty” Balloon

Let's Pawty Balloons

What do people (and dogs!) do on their birthdays? They throw parties, of course. And this “Let’s Pawty” balloon is the perfect decoration for any birthday party—human or canine.

Bake At Home Birthday Cake

Birthday cake

It’s easy to find birthday cake for humans. For dogs? Not so much. This Bake At Home Birthday Cake kit from BarkBox is the perfect addition to a birthday-themed gift basket. The dog lover in your life will love getting in the kitchen and baking up a yummy cake for their pup’s birthday!

Custom Pet Photo Bracelet

Dog cuff bracelet

Jewelry is a great birthday gift. Jewelry with a dog’s photo on it? Even better. This Custom Pet Photo Bracelet—which adds your loved one’s dog’s photo to a bracelet charm—is perfect if the dog lover in your life is also a jewelry lover.

Sympathy For A Dog Lover

Unfortunately, not all occasions that call for a gift are happy ones. When a loved one loses their beloved pet, you want to let them know you’re thinking about them. Sending a sympathy gift basket is a thoughtful way to send your love and support when someone loses their dog—and is, understandably, going through a difficult time.

If you need to send a basket to express sympathy, here are a few items you may want to consider including in your gift:

The Rainbow Bridge: A Visit To Pet Paradise

Rainbow bridge

If the dog lover in your life is a child (or has a child), this book is a great way to help them through the grieving process.

Personalized Memorial Stone

Personalized memorial stone

If your loved one’s dog couldn’t get enough of playing outside, this personalized memorial stone is a great way to honor their memory. Your loved one can take the stone and place it in their pup’s favorite outdoor spot—and will be reminded of their dog every time they walk by.

Memorial Picture Frame

Memorial picture frame

Your loved one will want to keep their dog’s memory alive—and this heartfelt photo frame is the perfect gift to help them do just that.

Just Because

As mentioned, there are plenty of occasions in life (like birthdays, holidays, or celebrations) that call for sending a gift. But you don’t need to wait for a special occasion to roll around to show the dog lover in your life you care. Sending a “just because” gift basket can be the most fun gift basket of all—because the person you’re sending it won’t be expecting it.

If you want to send a gift basket to the dog lover in your life “just because,” here are some items that could be fun to include:

Personalized dog socks

Dog socks

The best part of sending a “just because” gift basket is that you can fill it with fun and novel items. Like these personalized dog socks! All you have to do is send in a photo of your loved ones’ pet—and this Etsy shop will splash that puppy face all over a pair of custom socks.

Custom dog toy box

Dog toy box

You can send a gift basket—or you can send a gift box! This dog toy box comes personalized with any pup’s name. Send just the box—or, if you want the “gift basket” effect, fill it to the brim with…

Plush toys

Stuffing your dog toy box with plenty of stuffed Plush Toys is a guaranteed home run. It’s the perfect “just because” gift basket idea for any dog lover (and, obviously, their dog).

Surprise The Dog Lover In Your Life With The Perfect Gift Basket!

A gift basket is the perfect gift for dogs and humans alike. And this list of creative gift basket ideas for dog lovers is just the beginning. There are plenty of other creative ideas out there—including yours. So all that’s left to do is get out there and assemble your gift basket!

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