What Gifts Do I Get For My Dog’s Birthday?

What Gifts Do I Get For My Dog’s Birthday?

Every year, pup parents eagerly await the most important date on the calendar: their dog’s birthday! (Or adoptiversary, if you prefer.)

But let’s be real – you probably shower your dog with love, praise, and table scraps on a daily basis. So what gifts can make your dog’s birthday especially pawsome? Read on to find out.

The Best Dog Birthday Present Of All: BarkBox!

Hound BarkBox Birthday Hat

Why do humans celebrate canine birthdays only once a year? That’s once every seven years to a dog!

Keep the party going year-round with BarkBox – a subscription service that delivers dogs’ dreams every month. With BarkBox, you and your dog will receive 2 original toys, 2 all-natural and delicious bags of treats, and a meaty chew, all curated around a really fun viral-photo-worthy theme. (See: New York City and Knights of the Hound Table.)

It’s the perfect excuse to throw a theme party for your pup every month. And best of all, it’s the gift that keeps on giving for the dog that gives you everything.

Birthday Pawty-Themed Toys

Is your dog a party animal? Of course they are! Well, nothing says “Happy Barkday!” quite like the “Party Animal” collection of toys and accessories at BarkShop.

Pug and Two Dogs BarkDay BarkBox Toys

After sending out the invitations to all your dog and human friends, make your dog’s big day extra festive with a “Funfuzzi Cake,” a “Party On Hat,” some “Heli-yum Balloons,” a “Full o’ Fluff Piñata,” a “Happy BarkDay! Banner,” and a whole lot more!

Of course, if you’d prefer, you can get one of the Birthday Toy Bundles like the “Big Ol’ Bash Bundle,” which comes with a free Barkday! Banner.

Food Lover’s Festivities

Throw your food-crazed Fido a smellebration they’ll never forget. Soft-baked treats are the perfect birthday cuisine for your pup.

With a variety of flavors including Central Pork Pizza, Barklyn Bacon BagelsPumpkin Spice, and of course, Birthday (BarkDay) Bites, there’s yummy treat for every palette. Forget French patisseries, one sniff of these soft-baked treats will have your dog drooling faster than Pavlov! (Starting at $5)

Celebrate Your Senior!

Does your 14-year-old dog have the spirit of a 4-year-old pup? Help their bodies feel as young as their minds do! Give your senior dog the greatest gift by committing to improve her health and quality of life. Supplements are great for easing your dog through common aging ailments like joint health, and they’re yummy and easy to chew to boot.

Pit Bull BarkBox Birthday Treats

Birthdays are also the perfect excuse to fire up your senior dog’s inner puppy! Keep your older pup’s mind sharp as a tack with Puzzle Toys. These toys – also known as Thinker Toys – excite your dog’s mind, their nose, and their treat taste buds. Plus, they don’t require much physical activity, so your aging pup can have tons of fun while simultaneously being comfortable.

Come on, who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?