What Are the Best Christmas Gifts for a Super Chewer Dog?

What Are the Best Christmas Gifts for a Super Chewer Dog?

Need an extra paw for your super-chewing pup this holiday season? Their next gift is only a sniff away! It can be tough finding awesome gifts for those snuggle monsters who moonlight as monsters of destruction, but below we’ve got some of the toughest toys in town!

This guide will provide the best, exclusive goodies for your tough-chewing pup, with promises that they’ll have their tails wagging all season.

Super Chewer BarkBox Subscription

The Super Chewer version of the BarkBox is similar to BarkBox classic (fun monthly themes, original products, and so on) but with the added benefit of having toys that are virtually indestructible. It’s made for the pups who want a bit more of a challenge for their teeth – and for you humans who are sick of throwing away destroyed toys five minutes after getting them. Plus, this month we’re celebrating the premiere of the new Grinch movie and every BarkBox comes with wearable Max antlers. 🙂

Cost: $39 for 1 month, $33 for 3 months, $30 for 6 months, $28 for 12 months.  

Grinch’s Sleigh 

Bring your cheer! This holiday season, your pup can get their paws on the Grinch’s Sleigh! With Grinch’s Sleigh, pups will be able to grip and tug the nylon rope, with natural rubber at the ends. Plus, this toy has a gnarly, erratic bounce. Take that for a jolly good time!

Cost: $14


2. Max the Marching Penguin

A-ten-hunt! Catch your dog’s attention with Max the Marching Penguin, meant for all the chewing. Fully rubber, this toy is suitable to bounce and the bottom is a great hideout for treats. A scoop of peanut butter, anyone?
Cost: $14


3. Orbee Globe Ball

Orbee The Globe Ball BarkBox BarkShop Fetch Toy

Joy to the world! With recyclable material and a bouncy feel, the Orbee Globe Ball is pup-tastic for tough-chewing playtime! While the ball provides teeth-sinking fun, there’s also a minty scent that’s wintery fresh. Brrr!

Cost: $14

4. Ray the X-Ray Squirrel 

Who said Halloween couldn’t be year-round? Your pup will be able to see it all through x-ray vision, with Ray’s boo-tiful rubber interior up for grabs!

Cost: $14

5. Shuck n’ Chuck Corn Cob

Get ready to dig in! With nylon rope and crinkle material husks, your pup will be able to gnash and chomp away. A vegetable medley, indeed!

Cost: $14

6. Rosie the Ribbiter

It’s a hoppin’ good time! With natural rubber and nylon, Rosie’s blue aura stands the test of time (and withstands your pup’s teeth!)

Cost: $14

7. Buns of Steel Hot Dog 

Hot diggity dog! Your giant destruction won’t be able to resist the savory, rubbery goodness of the Buns of Steel Hot Dog. Order up!

Cost: $14

8. Mecha Manx for Dogs

It’s raining men? Nope, that’s just cats and dogs! Fur-babies and felines will join forces with the tough forces of Mecha Manx’s rubber and nylon frame. Don’t let your pup take a cat nap on this toy!

Cost: $14

Looking for more? Be sure to take a peek at our rough-chewing selection on BarkShop, as well!

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