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How Bright Dental Is Different From Every Other Dog Dental Product On The Market—And It Actually Works

How Bright Dental Is Different From Every Other Dog Dental Product On The Market—And It Actually Works

Do you love your dog’s kisses but hate the smell of your dog’s kisses? You’re not alone, because 99% of dog parents totally feel you. The crazy dog people at BARK searched the market high and low for something that busts bad breath—chews, treats, toothpastes, water additives, food toppers, the works—and nothing worked.

Ever the devoted dog people and problem solvers, they sought to make something that would solve the bad breath problem once and for all. Because bad breath is a really big deal. (80% of dogs develop dental disease by the age of 3, and bad breath is a major symptom.)

Of course, BARK is well-versed in poops and toys, but not actual science. So we teamed up with the smartypants at Novozymes—experts when it comes to enzymes, and makers of human toothpaste—to develop a new kind of dog dental product.

Enter BARK Bright, an easy kit for daily dental care, delivered monthly for just $1 a day. Bright is an innovative, 3-enzyme system (chemistry throwback: enzymes catalyze biochemical reactions) that tackles the debris that leads to bad breath and other serious health problems in your pup. Bright is the only dog dental product with three enzymes (Amyloglucosadise, Glucoseoxidase and Lactoperoxidase, in case you’re wondering), and that’s why it works so well.

If those enzymes sound familiar (and we’re pretty sure they don’t…), it might be because two of them are naturally occurring in your pup’s mouth! We dialed them up, and then we developed a third enzyme from scratch. Together, they have what you call “synergy,” creating a cascade effect that keeps mouths clean and breath fresh.

The science sounds complicated, but it’s quite simple—Bright supercharges your dog’s natural self-cleaning process with a “ringer” enzyme. No, it’s never been done before, and yes, it works very well. Here’s a video to show how it works:

Bright is a “system” because it has two parts: toothpaste and dental stick. The enzymes are in the gel, which you squeeze onto our tasty dental sticks and serve up as a treat. The chewing action scrubs plaque and tartar off the teeth, and then the enzymes go to work breaking down all the gross stuff to reveal fresh breath and whiter teeth.

That means you can brush your dog’s teeth without “brushing” their teeth. The system is so smart, it received an honorable mention in Time Magazine’s Best Inventions of 2019 list, and Fast Company’s 2020 World-Changing Ideas!

In 1–2 weeks of Bright, you’ll notice fresher breath, and in 4-6 weeks, you’ll see whiter, sparklier teeth. Keep up the habit, and you’ll get gold stars from the vet at every wellness exam, which definitely counts for something. Plus, you won’t be shirking your dog parent duties, which means less guilt!

Here at BARK, we’re very into our new morning routine of “brushing” with our pups—human/dog dental care hasn’t looked so good since Ron and Baxter Burgundy’s matching headgear. So go ahead and make every morning a Bright morning (or night, you do you). It’s just $1/day for a healthy, fresh smile.