Consuela the Cactus Was #1 on the Front Page Of Reddit. Now You Can Buy Her at Petco.

Consuela the Cactus Was #1 on the Front Page Of Reddit. Now You Can Buy Her at Petco.

When we design toys, we have one customer in mind: your adorable, perfect dog—and we assume that each toy’s life begins and ends at the mercy of their loving jaws. But sometimes, our toys find a little nook in human culture, and occasionally give the internet a big fat fright (cough cough Big Honkin’ Pigs in a Blanket).

Take Consuela the Cactus, for example. The toy-inside-a-toy that was literally, for two days, the #1 post on Reddit (which, as you know, is the world’s 3rd angriest social media site). It was an unexpected win for dogs, the people who love them, and the great prophets of the internet message boards:

Not a stone was left unturned in this web of exploratory, dog-loving, pro-cactus conversation. *Why* is Consuela sad? It is forever a mystery for you and your dog to discover.

And hey, the toy stories don’t stop there. We rounded up our highest-rated and best-selling toys in Bark’s history, and put them all in one place—Petco! From Consuela the Cactus to All Day Rosé to Johnny Apple Squeaks, you can see all the greatest toys in all their greatest glory at your local friendly pet store—online or IRL!

And now, meet the rest of the collection!

The Toy That Brutus Cannot Even Deal With: Pete the Frankly Fantastic Unicorn 

Brutus did his signature happy dance for Pete. Witness these two magical and majestic beasts, dancing in perfect harmony.

The Toy That Will Up Your Instagram Feed Game: Sub-Zero Camping Hero 

This 3-part toy has found it’s way onto our Instagram not one but four times (honestly maybe more).

The Seasonal Toy That Fun All Year Round: Johnny Applesqueaks

With a 4.7/5 star rating, the 3-in-1 apple and bucket toy has been a real winner since it’s release in 2017. Watch these adorable pups bob for apples in the crinkly bucket.

The Most Beautifully Basic Toy: All Day Rosé

When All Day Rosé came onto the scene, the pups went wild (until they went to sleep in the sun on a picnic blanket). Here’s a mere cross section of the lazy Sundaying that’s gone down since this plush pink bottle was released.

The Toy For Pool Sharks: Williards Billiards

For years, dogs have been wondering, “Why can’t I fetch those colorful balls on that big green table in the basement?” And now they can. 

The Best-Smelling Fart Toy: Dog Fart Simulator

Dogs: the one companion you can blame your farts on and get away with it. Most of the time. This Dog Fart Simulator—it’s all the fun of the noise without the stank. 

The New Yorkiest Toy: Breakfast of Chompions

This 3-in-1 Breakfast of Chompions has all the ingredients of a classic NYC breakfast. Though it’s best enjoyed while on the subway or speed-walking through Times Square, it can be chewed by any dog in any city. Just don’t be surprised if your dog stars saying stuff like “I’m walkin’ heeyaa!” 

The Toy That Fits Perfectly On Your Dog’s Head: Ollie the Octopus

Octopuses have three hearts and zero bones, unlike your pup who has one giant heart and a bunch of bones. Despite their differences, Ollie and dogs everywhere have formed an unlikely friendship.

The Toy That Makes It Okay to Be Hangry: Hangry Hangry Hippo 

Newsflash: dogs and hippos can actually be BFFs. Just check out these stories of friendship from BarkShop!

The Toys That Caught Sadie’s Eye / Mouth: Max’s Maine Lobster Roll & Zeke the Cheeky Monkey

In a beautiful (borderline ASMR?) video, Instagram star Sadie takes a liking to her new faves, Max’s Maine Lobster Roll & Zeke the Cheeky Monkey. Watch her crinkle & chew her new toys…or just listen for a moment of zen, courtesy of dog breathing & material crunch.

The Toys That Cause Couch Potato-ing: Itty & Bitty the Bunny Slippers

Itty & Bitty may also cause an increase in human slippers left intact. 

You can check out the *entire* Best of BarkBox at Petco and right now and create some new memories (and fire posts for your Instagram grid). Happy shopping, and happy chomping.