These Are The Most-Googled Questions About Dogs In 2015

These Are The Most-Googled Questions About Dogs In 2015

Google released their list of the most searched words and questions on their website of 2015, and they included a whole section of dog questions!

Take a look at the list- some of these questions might be pretty familiar to ya. And if you’re still looking for answers, check out some links below for some of these questions that Barkpost has covered.

Let’s see if we can help you out with some of these:

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1. Why does your dog wag her tail? It’s a whole language.
2. Crate train your dog in a few easy steps.
5. How to keep puppy from eating poop? Understanding why they do it might help.

How your dog sees it.

How your dog sees it.

8. The Target dog is an English bull terrier! Just like this adorable rescue snuggling in her first ever bed.
9. Need to potty train your pup? Here’s a few basics.
10. Don’t want your dog to bite? Helps to get it right when they’re young.

And if you ever find that Google just isn’t giving you the answer you’re looking for (aka not enough dog butt jokes), feel free to Ask Barkpost Anything!

Featured Image via Bailey the Dog