12 Dogs Who Are A Pig’s Best Friend

12 Dogs Who Are A Pig’s Best Friend

Dogs are pawbviously the most pawesome animals on the planet, I think we all agree on that. On the sixth day, God must have created Dog, realized he’d achieved his masterpiece, and called it a day on the whole Creation thing. But if there’s one animal that even comes close to a dog on the coolness barometer, it would have to be the pig. They have a lot more in common than you’d think – just take a look at these inter-species friendships that show just how similar dogs and pigs really are!

1. Tabitha loves to play!


Tabitha’s owner Wendy rescued her when she was abandoned on the side of the road at just a few days old, but it was Wendy’s 5 year old Boxer Susie who took an interest in the piglet, guarding the basket where the tiny pig slept. Eventually, Tabitha grew to the same size as her adoptive “mom” Susie, and now the pair “Piggy and Puggy” as Wendy calls them, are inseparable. They nuzzle, cuddle and wrestle together every day.

2. Manni knows how to bark.

Keiler Manni

Manni, a wild boar piglet, was found starving and abandoned in a field in rural Germany. His human parents bottle-fed him back to health, but his real best friend is the family’s Jack Russell terrier Candy. The two romp, wrestle and play hide and seek. According to Manni’s parents, he’s even learning how to communicate with Candy, he’s started to bark!

3. Prudence plays fetch


Prudence, a 5 week old piglet, became fast friends with 6 puppies at the animal rescue center where she lives. She may look ridiculous playing fetch, but this girl thinks she’s just one of the pack.

4. Pigs are always up for an adventure.


This pair was spotted running along the side of the road after making a break from their home in Whittlesea, Australia. While police waited for their owners to come retrieve them, the canine and porcine BFFs refused to be separated.

5. Runty loves belly rubs and dog bowls.


Runty was born the runt of her litter, but that has never stopped this fearless pig! At just one month old, she escaped her paddock and the rest of the pigs to forge an unbreakable bond with the family dog Alfie. Runty now eats from the dog bowl, gets belly rubs and even goes for walks alongside her BFF.

6. Louie is “top dog” on the agility course


Louie the pig joined animal behaviorist Sue Williams’ pack at the age of 3 months, but because he was so much smaller than the dogs he had to be separated for his own safety. When the dogs were training on the agility course, Louie would run up to the gate and excitedly watch them. One day, Sue was having a hard time getting a dog to run through a tunnel, when Louie zoomed through the tunnel instead! Since then, Louie has been training alongside the dogs and even outshines them.

7. Pigs know the true meaning of “dog tired.”


This pup wasn’t really asleep, but he stayed like this for half an hour so he wouldn’t wake up the sleeping D.O.G. in training.

8. Manuka shows pawfect patience.


Manuka the pig can’t be bothered by his obnoxious little sister Daisy.

9. What’s the only thing cuter than a puppy? A puppy with a piglet!


Could this pile of sleepy piglets and German Shepherd puppies possibly be any cuter???

10. Paulinchen fits in with the pack.


Paulinchen the piglet, abandoned by his mother after birth, would have been goner if it weren’t for surrogate mom Katjinga, a Rhodesian Ridgeback. After just giving birth to her own puppies, Katjinga immediately began cleaning and nursing the piglet and now regards her as one of her own. Mother of the year award?

11. Pigs aren’t immune to dogshaming.


Esther’s dads adopted her from a friend who was trying to re-home the “micro-pig,” but as Esther grew, it became apparent she was no micro-pig, but a runt from a commercial farm. By the time they realized this, Derek and Steve were too attached to cast her out, so this gentle giant now lives with the couple and their other four-legged friends.

It’s a dog and hog heaven out there!

Featured image via Daily Mail