10 5-Star Rated Plush Dog Toys You’ll Love As Much As Your Pup Does

You’re walking through the toy aisle at your local grocery store. You see tennis balls, rubber bones, the occasional stuffed squirrel, and you wonder if this is all life has to offer. That’s what normal people wonder, right? No? Just me? Well either way, the answer is no. You’ve only been tapping the surface of dog toys, and we’re about to blow your mother-puppin’ mind.


Why we love it:

  • Crinkle-lined canvas bucket
  • Multi-part toy
  • 3 fuzzy chicken wings

BarkShop: Cooped Up Fried Chicken

Get your night-in party on with this 3-piece bucket o’ fried chicken, dipping sauces not included. Hide some treats beneath the fuzzy wings and watch (and listen) as your dog goes to town on the crazy crinkle lining.


Why we love it:

  • Comes in small, medium, & large
  • Bonus spiky ball hidden inside
  • Big squeak!

BarkShop: Lady Liberty Ball

Raise the torch in solidarity with Lady Liberty in all her splendor, especially her durable fabric exterior and secret hidden toy. A rubber spiky ball is tucked inside this national treasure for when your dog is feeling particularly destructive.


Why we love it:

  • Fuzzy, shreddable fur
  • Super long body & stretchy neck
  • Perfect for tugging

BarkShop: Bruce the Bungee Bear

Bruce took a leave of absence from his gig dancing in the Russian circus to spend some quality time with those who love him for HIM—and his stretchy, floppy body. Your dog appreciates the finer things in life. And by “finer” we mean anything that makes tug-o-war possible.


Why we love it:

  • Multi-part toy attached by velcro
  • Squeaky!
  • Cooked well-done & ready to play

BarkShop: Buns of Anarchy

The grillmaster has really outdone himself this time; soft buns, crispy lettuce, melty cheese, and a burger grilled with your furry carnivore in mind. Every ingredient comes apart and goes back together with a small velcro patch so your dog can hone his culinary skills.


Why we love it:

  • Stuffed with a squeaker
  • Comes in large & extra-large
  • Wrapped in a soft plush tortilla

BarkShop: Ernesto's Fish Taco

You won’t find anything fresher south of the border, and that’s a long walkie from here so it’s probably a good thing. Ernesto had the brilliant idea to stuff this fish with fluff and one hearty squeaker, all tenderly wrapped with the best fixin’s inside a tortilla toasted to plush perfection.


Why we love it:

  • Wrapped in crinkly “newspaper”
  • Multi-party toy—4 flowers!
  • Flowers stuffed with squeakers

BarkShop: Flowers Bouquet

A rose inside any other bouquet would smell as sweet… but they’d probably wilt, unlike these squeaky alternatives. All four flowers are wrapped in a crinkly newspaper with the latest headlines, and they’re oh-so-nice to receive from your dog. To fetch, of course.


Why we love it:

  • Wearable & ready for photo ops!
  • Crinkle lining
  • Squeakers all over

BarkShop: Mishka's Warm Winter Hat

A good trapper hat never goes out of style, especially when its main purpose is to be chewed. The shaggy interior is great for ripping and shredding, and pups have a blast tracking down all the hidden squeakers. Plus, it’s totally wearable (if not a tad humiliating).


Why we love it:

  • Comes in small & large
  • Pose & play
  • Stuffing-free with hidden spiky ball inside

BarkShop: Puking Rainbows Ball

Puking is gross, but if dogs were to upchuck rainbows it’d be a lot easier to clean up. This stuffingless toy makes clean-up post-destruction nonexistent, too, with a surprise toy inside to ease the loss of an inevitable shredding.


Why we love it:

  • Great for games of tug
  • Wearable–bungee headband with adjustable velcro
  • Crinkly flowers

BarkShop: Festival Flower Crown

Festival season is closer than you think, and no one skimps in the floral department. Especially your dog, even if the only thing she’s listening to are the squirrels outside. Get your boho on and your cameras ready—the magic hour is coming!


Why we love it:

  • 100% of profits go to Recovery Road Fund at Animal Haven NYC
  • Stuffed with fluff & squeakers
  • Shreddable hair

BarkShop: Sia's Lickalike

The insanely talented Sia teamed up with a bunch of crazy dog people to design her own doggie doppelgänger, and all proceeds from this toy go back to dogs in need. Besides being every pup’s new favorite snuggle buddy, you both can feel good knowing you contributed to something great.

Meet Sam and Haley

I’m a proud dog parent to a rescue named Haley, who’s been with me through my jobs at a doggie daycare, pet specialty supply store, and now writing about dogs and dog stuff.

I’ve raised and loved 7 pups, and have written posts on the best products for dogs of all ages and humans of all experience levels, awesome dog-friendly locales, and inspirational canine stories that make you proud to be a Crazy Dog Person.


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