Beautiful Dog Crates That Blend Right In With Your Furniture

You might be crate-training a puppy or just relaxing with your sweet senior dog, but most households have dog crates as a permanent fixture. Our pups are meant to love their crates. Especially with a blanket or sheet draped overtop, they’re supposed to be a safe haven; a place to relax or take a nap. It would certainly be nice if they also served a dual purpose.

The great part about a tabletop crate is that it blends in seamlessly alongside your living room furniture. Set it next to your couch as a side table or push it against a wall independently—doubtless it will be a conversation-starter, and your dog will still enjoy the comforts of his own private space.


Best For Most Pups & Parents

Why we love it:

  • Several shades & sizes
  • Door swings in both directions
  • Raised walls for privacy and comfort

Amazon: Crown Pet Products Wood Pet Crate End Table

Sold in shades of espresso, mahogany, and a rich black, these end table crates hardly look like crates at all. They’re built with hardwood and have a waterproof melamine-coated base to protect the wood from any accidents or spillage, and the door even swings inward to accommodate tight spaces. My favorite part is the raised walls around 3 sides; much like that blanket we like to drape over the top, this closeness adds a sense of security and comfort to the crate’s residents. It’s available in 2 sizes to comfortably fit pups up to 80 pounds.


Best For Dog Parents On A Budget

Why we love it:

  • Solid wood
  • Slats along top on all 4 sides
  • Various colors & 2 sizes

Amazon: Casual Home Wooden Pet Crate

Solid, sturdy wood and open slats along the top of all four sides of this crate make it a fabulous lower-priced option to suit your dog and your decor. It has a simple latching lock on the front, and plenty of room to sprawl for dogs up to 38″ long and 29″ tall. Just toss in their favorite blanket or crate bed and you’ve made the perfect haven. Also available in black and espresso stained wood.


Best For Pup Parents Who Love Versatility

Why we love it:

  • Beautiful brown wood
  • Suits any decor
  • Transforms from crate to gate

Amazon: Merry Pet 2-In-1 Configurable Pet Crate & Gate

I’m not sure if I’ve seen a more clever crate than this one. When used as a crate, it features a lock, a base tray, and a heavy wooden tabletop that sits firmly on top but does not secure to the walls (I would not use this crate as a form of containment when you leave home). However, it also transforms into a gorgeous dog gate to block off a room. Remove the top, the base, and the pins that hold it together, and you’ve got a longer-than-average divider to keep your pup where you want him.


Other Tabletop Crates We Love

Why we love it:

  • Can be used as standard metal crate or wood-accented furniture
  • Metal crate collapses
  • 3 available sizes

Amazon: Merry Products Cage With Crate Cover Set

The classic metal crate combines with a pretty wood covering to convert this product into a piece of everyday furniture. You receive the crate itself with a removable plastic tray, plus panels to disguise all the edges and a solid wood veneer top. It’s available in small, medium, and large sizes to suit any dog from a Yorkie to a German Shepherd, and the crate itself easily collapses for travel.


Why we love it:

  • Dark-stained wood veneer & metal accents
  • Perfect for small to medium dogs
  • Available in 2 sizes

Amazon: Boomer & George Wooden Pet Crate End Table

This beautiful espresso-stained crate definitely looks more like a piece of rustic furniture than a place for your pup to take a nap. The metal accents along the edges and corners add a nice touch, and unlike other crates it’s actually raised off the ground a bit. Though there are two sizes, I would only recommend this crate for small to medium-sized dogs (no more than perhaps 35 pounds), but pay close attention to the dimensions and choose the best size for your pup.

Meet Tazz Uppin and Benji

I am a proud dog parent who’s always on the hunt for cool dog inspired items. On the other hand, there’s Benji a mellow dog who doesn’t care too much for toys (except when it comes to fetching) and who loves to snuggle. As a parent of a long dog, we’ve had to deal with sudden surgery, hospital bills, and new purchases due to his long dog needs which has equipped me with the know-how to help pet parents in similar situations!


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