The Best Halloween Toys For Dogs

These toys are going out this Halloween to be chewed and shredded rather than spook the pants off your pup, though I can’t say they won’t make some humans look twice. Even if your dog declines to be part of the treak-or-treating scene (costume and all), it doesn’t mean he can’t get in on the fun with a monster collection of Halloween toys to die for.

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For Chewers & Thrashers

Why we love it:

  • Eyeball glows for nighttime play
  • Tummy-safe t-shirt rope
  • Small & large sizes

BarkShop: All Glowing Eye

It sees you when you’re sleeping, it knows when you’re awake, and it’s definitely not Santa. This bouncy glow-in-the-dark eyeball is still attached to the optic nerve (a.k.a. t-shirt rope) of the monster whose head it was yanked out of, and is now at the mercy of your seeing-EYE dog.


For De-Fluffers

Why we love it:

  • Tons of fluff for tons of fun
  • Grunt squeaker inside
  • Crazy good looks

BarkShop: Bertie Boisterous

Listen, this monster is a total catch. He’s got beautiful green eyes, pearly white teeth, freshly-sharpened fingernails, and doggone it, he’s purple. What dog can resist the total package? Don’t answer that, there aren’t any. Bertie is stuffed full o’ fluff, charm, and a very satisfying grunt squeaker.


For Ripper-Snappers

Why we love it:

  • Super strong stitching
  • Different textured materials
  • Long hair for ripping and pulling

BarkShop: Alfie Aviation

Alfie is either the winged dog of your dreams or your nightmares, depending on whether or not you prefer your pups with horns. He’s got a thick coat that’s GREAT for dogs who would rather rip the fuzz off a tennis ball than fetch one, and a variety of textures including plush, mesh, and that oh-so-silky hair.


For Treat-Seekers

Why we love it:

  • Crinkly material
  • Fuzzy pumpkin “guts”
  • Small and large sizes

BarkShop: Jack's Lantern

Pop a few of your dog’s favorite treats inside this gutted pumpkin, place the top back on, and toss it. It won’t take an Einstein-ian pup to find the goods, but then he’ll have a super crinkly gourd with a fuzzy pumpkin-gut rope to swing, shred, and toss for hours.


For Squeaker-Seekers

Why we love it:

  • 16 squeakers with one deep squeak!
  • Ballistic nylon seams
  • Super fuzzy exterior

BarkShop: King Grunt The Mummy

Ballistic nylon seams are the only things holding the tee-pee on this mummy, though determined dogs will uncover the tomb treasure of 16 SQUEAKERS below all that embalmed fuzz. There’s a new king in the pyramid as far as your pup’s concerned.


For Noise-Makers

Why we love it:

  • T-shirt rope with squeaker-filled eyeballs
  • Big disc squeaker in body
  • Super strong stitching

BarkShop: Pongo Peculiar

Pongo might look like an amoeba you saw under the microscope in 7th grade, but he’s a lot more interesting now that he’s grown a few million times his size. Pups can put their paws in the air and make some serious noise with the 3 eyeball squeakers and giant disc squeaker in his fuzzy green body, and YOU can join the fun by tugging the other end of the t-shirt rope.


For Tug-O-War Champs

Why we love it:

  • Tummy-safe t-shirt rope
  • Spiky ball on the inside
  • Super crinkly hands and feet

BarkShop: Twistleton Twerp

There’s definitely something twisted about Twistleton, particularly with his long t-shirt rope arms that are just asking for a good game of tug. He’s got bushy eyebrows to woo any pup into falling for his charm and getting to know him inside and out—and I mean REALLY inside. There’s a bonus ball in there, friends.


For Shake, Rattle, & Rollers

Why we love it:

  • Water bottle material filled with tummy-safe cornstarch beads (NO sharp edges)
  • Beads rattle when shaken
  • Super fluffy & rip-able hair

BarkShop: Rattling Ricky

If you’d like a break in the cacophony of squeakers, try some rattling on for size. Ricky’s not interested in blood, but he’ll have no problem luring pups in with his thick fur, tuggable wings, and a belly full of heat-sealed water bottle material and tummy-safe cornstarch beads. The only sharp edges you’ll find are his fangs (and they’re just stitched on to his mouth).


For Picture-Perfect Pups

Why we love it:

  • Spiky ball inside
  • Perfect for posing and playing
  • Makes a great fetch toy

BarkShop: Count Droolcula's Bite

If dogs had thumbs and could hold their own selfie stick, these luscious red lips would make one doggone good picture. Well, if they even show up on film. The hidden spiky ball makes it easy for pups to hold onto their new fangs juuuust long enough to capture their good looks before they sprouts wings and vanish.


For Squirrel Hunters

Why we love it:

  • Super strong seams
  • Full of fluff & squeakers
  • Delightfully furry tail

BarkShop: Zoe The Zombie Squirrel

Zoe has seen better days, but being undead definitely makes this squirrel easier to catch. She’s chock full of hard-packed fluff and squeakers with an alluringly bushy tail perfect for shredding, and strong seams to make total destruction that much tougher.


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