The Best Thanksgiving-Themed Dog Toys

Thanksgiving is probably your dog’s favorite holiday, on account of the likelihood that at least one family member will be slipping him turkey under the table (looking at you, Grandpa Joe). But just because they don’t get a plate doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy the holiday with the best Turkey Day toys around.


For Leftover-Lovers

Why we love it:

  • Multi-part toy
  • Full of squeakers
  • Measures 6″ x 5″

BarkShop: Nana's Leftover Sammie

You’re kidding yourself if you think eating turkey sandwiches for a week after Thanksgiving isn’t the best part of the holiday. With stuffing, cranberry sauce, and drowning in gravy… *shudders* It’s almost as good as a multi-part sandwich toy. Complete with turkey, lettuce, tomato, and squeakers, this sammie is bound to satisfy some cravings.


For Tossin' The Pigskin

Why we love it:

  • Honking squeaker
  • Jumbo-sized
  • Super soft & plush

BarkShop: Turkey Day Football

Dogs don’t need Thanksgiving as an excuse to throw around the ol’ pigskin, or really to throw around anything they can fetch. The Turkey Day Football is the epitome of the best of both worlds, with its drumsticks, football stitching, and a deep honking squeaker inside all that stuffing.


For Flinging In Leaf Piles

Why we love it:

  • Perfect for games of tug
  • Leaves filled with crinkle material or squeakers
  • Durable rope

BarkShop: 3 Leaves Rope Toy

We love fall because of the sweaters and hot drinks, but if you ask a dog they’ll probably mention something about giant leaf piles. This leafy tug toy is built with tough rope and durable leaves, each with crinkle material or a squeaker hidden inside.


For Furry Foodies

Why we love it:

  • Plush & squeaky
  • Long enough for games of tug
  • Who doesn’t love dark meat?

BarkShop: Turkey Drumstick Plush

Your dog will definitely fight over one of the turkey legs at dinner, and for good reason! They’re squishy, squeaky, and full o’ fluff. Wait, that’s just this turkey drumstick toy. Guess it’s even better than the real thing.


For Gobbling Goobers

Why we love it:

  • Perfect for tossing and thrashing
  • Super plush
  • Squeaker inside

BarkShop: Plush Turkey Toy

It’s big, it’s gobblin’, it’s the turkey that survived Thanksgiving! This super-sized poultry is covered in soft “feathers” and has one handsome wattle. The only thing this bird’s stuffed with is fluff and one very satisfying squeaker.


For Pie-Ruvin' Pups

Why we love it:

  • Squeakers in the pie & whipped cream
  • Tough crust
  • Stuffed with fluff

BarkShop: Pepper's Pumpkin Pie

It ain’t a party without the pumpkin pie, especially when it comes with a whipped cream squeaker. The pie crust is tough enough to withstand extended chewing, but that doesn’t mean your pup won’t be begging for seconds.


For Super Chewers

Why we love it:

  • Super strong Orbee-Tuff material
  • Openings on both ends for treats
  • Bounces & floats

Amazon: Orbee-Tuff Football

There’s a reason this ball has “tuff” in the name—it’s CRAZY durable for even the strongest chewers. It bounces, floats, and has holes on either end to stuff with treats so you can take the fun off the field. No matter your players, this game of fetch is definitely gonna last more than four quarters.


For Crinkle Lovers

Why we love it:

  • Machine-washable & dryer-friendly
  • Crinkly husks filled with certified-safe recycled water bottles
  • Squeaker in the corn

BarkShop: Corn Plush Toy

Dogs can help you husk corn for the big dinner, but their version is easily more fun. The floppy husks on this corn cob are filled with crinkle material dogs love, while the corn itself is filled with fluff and a squeaker. Great for thrashing, tossing, and nibbling to savor the goodness.

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