The Coolest Dog-Themed Tote Bags Perfect For Gifting (Or Keeping)

Get those drooly tennis balls out of your handbag post-dog park, and stow your pup’s poop bags where you won’t lose them in the Black Hole of Purses. A tough canvas tote bag is as versatile in use as it is in designs, and we’ve got just the lineup for that dog lover on your gift-giving list. Or, you know, to treat yourself.


For Dog People With A Sense Of Humor

Why we love it:

  • Totally a conversation-starter
  • Durable fabric
  • Machine washable (cold water + air dry)

BarkShop: Toot Tote

Look, farts are just a way of life for dog people. Like dogs, they come in all scents and volume levels, and casually worm their way into your personal space before you can have anything to say about it. The Tote Tote is here to celebrate the inevitable. With adorable illustrations by Dave Coverly, it’s guaranteed to get some giggles.


For The Minimalist Dog Lover

Why we love it:

  • Simple yet bold
  • Big enough to shop for all the toys your dog deserves
  • Versatile—bring it anywhere!

Amazon: Dogeared Tote

Wise words to live by. Please the dog lover and typography nerd in your crew with this minimalist tote—it’s gloriously simple, yet says exactly what we’re all thinking. Bonus points if I catch you carrying your tiny dog around in this sweet ride.


For The Bold & Brave Dog Lady

Why we love it:

  • Durable canvas material
  • Adorable doodles by Dave Coverly
  • Measures 18″ x 14.5″ x 3″—perfect for toting tiny pups

BarkShop: Crazy Dog Lady Boat Tote

We’re covered in fur, professionally trained in snuggling, and are no longer fazed by poop. That’s right: we’re crazy dog ladies, and we’re some of the most passionate women to walk the earth. The Crazy Dog Lady tote is here to help you strut your stuff with just a hint of well-earned flair.


For Those Who Love To Flaunt Their Breed

Why we love it:

  • Hundreds of breed designs
  • 100% cotton twill material
  • Produced by a small business & its artists

Amazon: ToteTails Canvas Tote Bag

There are few things we love more than staring at the perfection that is our dog’s face, so why not slap that beautiful mug onto your new favorite accessory? ToteTails bags have just about every breed you can imagine in various styles, all designed by a talented group of artists in Sacramento, CA.


Why we love it:

  • 100% cotton
  • Unique black tote with white trim
  • 5 pockets on the inside

Amazon: "Dog-o-holic" Tote Bag

We’re gettin’ drunk on dogs DAILY, folks. That puppy breath is potent! This tote from BadAss Attire is 100% thick cotton with 5 internal pockets (jackpot!) perfect for loading up your phone, keys, and poop bags on the go.

P.S. You can also search Badass Attire on Amazon to find other breed images on this bag!


For The Dog Lover Who Can't Get Enough Puppy Love

Why we love it:

  • Machine washable (cold water + air dry
  • Lots of fun dog doodles
  • Durable fabric

BarkShop: "I Want To Pet All The Dogs" Tote

By golly, this bag took the words right outta my mouth. With a menagerie of doodles by our fave artist, Dave Coverly, you can at least enjoy looking at all the dogs. Grab this tote for a run to the farmers market, or load it with treats and tennis balls for an outing with your best friend—it can get as dirty as you want, just toss it in the wash on cold and let it air dry.


For Anyone Who ADORES Their Dog

Why we love it:

  • Tough canvas material
  • Durable stitching throughout
  • 2 interior pockets

Amazon: Andes Heavy Duty Pet Tote Bag

Perhaps The Beatles would have won over a whole new audience had they changed their lyrics a bit… This roomy, canvas tote is made with organic 12oz unbleached canvas with two inner pockets and durable, heavyweight stitching. It’s also pretty darn accurate.

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