The Ultimate Gift Guide For Dogs & Their People Under $50

It’s not hard to spot a dog person. They get ridiculously excited to see dogs in public, spoil their own pups like grandparents spoil their grandkids, and would probably rather spend the day with their dog than out socializing with *shivers* people. We know the type, and we know they’re awesome. You know what else? We know their dogs are pretty great (we’re kind of experts on the matter), and every dog has earned themselves a little something nice. Check out our under-$50 guide for the best of the best dog-related gifts & goodies.


For Adventurers & Park-Lovers

Why we love it:

  • Built with dogs in mind
  • Durable ballistic nylon base
  • Treat & poop bag pockets

BarkShop: Bounce Dog Park Tote

IT’S HERE. The absolute best dog person tote bag in existence. This bouncing ball-designed bag is built for adventures with your dog—it has a ballistic nylon base, a nylon-lined treat pocket, and a built-in poop bag holder! Drop your balls, muddy dog towel, travel bowls, water bottles, and leashes inside and head to the park. It’s also available in a cute & simple Dalmatian design.


For Practical Pup Parents

Why we love it:

  • Lifetime guarantee
  • No chemicals used in tanning process
  • Several dual color options

Amazon: 6ft Leather Braided Dog Leash

My leather leash is one of the best purchases I’ve ever made for myself AND my dog. Genuine leather actually gets softer and more pliable as it ages, so the more you use it, the better it gets. Braided leashes add a bit of flair, too, and this particular leash is dual-sided with unique color combos. They have padded handles, rust-proof hardware, and are tanned with NO chemicals or harsh dyes.


For The Super Organized

Why we love it:

  • Simple, modern, & practical
  • Sides fold down for dogs’ easy reach
  • Handles on either side

BarkShop: Felt Toy Bin

A proper toy bin is one of those things you never knew you needed, until one day you realize you can’t see your floor anymore beneath the thick layer of toys. You can’t take a step without something squeaking. This felt toy bin was designed by dog people for dogs, so the sides unfold to avoid entire bin-spillage. It looks great in any room, too, but that’s more of a YOU thing.


For Beer-Lovers

Why we love it:

  • USA-made & family-owned business
  • Completely personalized
  • Holds 16oz of a beverage of your choosing

Amazon: Custom Dog Breed Beer Mugs

Fans of a good brewsky won’t resist a quality pair of USA-made, dishwasher-safe, personalized pint glasses to serve up anything from their homemade lager to a killer cocktail. These beauties have a thick sturdy base, and are individually engraved with your name (or anything you want) and a variety of available dog breeds. Bottoms up!


For The Simple & Organized

Why we love it:

  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Matches any kitchen decor
  • Measures 5″ x 4″

BarkShop: Splash Treat Canister

Are you the type of dog person with 15 different bags of treats in their pantry, or with a dedicated treat jar living permanently on the kitchen counter? Cut down on clutter and incorporate a little minimalist pizazz with this black and white treat canister. It’s completely dishwasher safe and seals with a natural cork lid.


For Travelers At Heart

Why we love it:

  • Crash-tested for dogs up to 75lbs
  • Several adjustment points for a perfect fit
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Broad chest plate for comfort and protection
  • Includes durable seat belt tether
  • Multiple sizes

Amazon: Kurgo Tru-Fit Crash Tested Dog Harness

Car rides with your dog’s tongue flappin’ in the wind should remain as fun and carefree as they always have been. Accidents happen, and if your dog isn’t strapped in he’s at extreme risk of injury or death in a serious collision. The Kurgo Tru-Fit Harness has been rigorously crash tested for dogs up to 75lbs. It includes a seat belt tether that loops around any car’s seat belt strap to keep your dog safe in his seat, and never impedes his ability to stick his head out the window.


For Ultimate Snugglers

Why we love it:

  • Machine washable, tumble-dry
  • Perfect for burrowing dogs (throw a blanket on top for the ultimate “den”)
  • Measures 20″ across x 7″ deep

Amazon: Sheri Gray Deep Dish Cuddler

This bed gives new meaning to hunkering down, because dogs will sink into the OrthoComfort deep dish shape and never want to get up again. I sincerely believe it was designed to make humans jealous. The high bolstered walls provide support and comfort for your pup’s head, and the ultra-plush sherpa lining is one of those fabrics you just can’t resist touching.


For The Perfect Atmosphere

Why we love it:

  • Soy wax candle made from recycled wine bottles
  • Portion of proceeds go to dogs in need
  • Smells like fresh-cut Christmas trees

BarkShop: Rescued Wine Holiday Pine Candle

Give the gift of a pine-scented home with a hint of cedar wood and mandarin orange. Perfect to set the holiday tone for company or fill the aromatic void of an artificial tree, this candle also gives back to dogs who need help most.


For Fine-Dining Dogs

Why we love it:

  • Measures 7″ across x 2.3″ tall
  • Ceramic is durable & resists bacterial growth
  • Hand-painted illustrations

BarkShop: Scottie Dog Bowl

Shout out to the Scottie parents out there—your pups add a lot of character to just about anything. This heavy duty ceramic bowl is hand-painted by artist and dog-lover Fenella Smith and is dishwasher safe at low temperatures to preserve the illustrations. Fill with water so you can always see the Scotties 20 leagues under the sea, or use as your dapper dog’s food bowl (Note: it is not microwave safe for heating meals).


For Wine-Lovers

Why we love it:

  • Holds up to 50 corks
  • Durable & adorable
  • Made of pretty rustic metal

Amazon: Vinocage Dachshund Cork Holder

Dress up bare countertops with this WINE-er dog cork holder—he’s bound to be a conversation starter, and he’s pretty cute to boot. Store up to 50 corks memories of the times you got a little tipsy with friends and family. The dog will remember. He always remembers.


For Super Chewers

Why we love it:

  • Lasts much longer than an ordinary chew (seriously!)
  • Includes Bacon Wishbone, Peanut Butter Wishbone, & Bacon Dental Chew
  • Calorie-free (for chewing only)

BarkShop: Benebone Bundle

Benebones are the holy grail of durable dog chews. They’re infused with bacon and peanut butter, but the single other ingredient is nylon. This means these chews are NOT edible, though they’re great to gnaw on for days (or weeks, or months) on end. Puppers will have no trouble gripping the unique curved shape and goin’ to town.


For Clean Freaks

Why we love it:

  • Fits standard and extra-large cars, trucks, & SUVs
  • Triple-layered waterproof fabric & non-slip bottom
  • Can be used as bench seat cover or hammock-style cover
  • Super easy to install

Amazon: BarksBar Luxury Pet Car Seat Cover

Both dogs and their humans benefit from a rugged car seat cover. When used as a hammock-style cover, quick stops no longer mean dogs tumble to the floor (though they should be strapped in with a seat belt tether!), and their people won’t need to clean up dirty paw prints, hair, or drool. The BarksBar cover anchors to your seats with a non-slip backing and comes in 2 sizes for a universal fit.


For Rippers & Shredders

Why we love it:

  • Includes Mr. Chewniverse, Mr. Chewniverse’s Muscles, K9 K.O. Punching Bag, & Pupping Iron Dumbbell
  • Perfect for dogs who love to rip & shred
  • Part of the Destroyer’s Club—tag your pup’s destruction on Instagram #DestroyersClub!

BarkShop: Totally Ripped Toy Bundle

Dogs don’t shred toys to upset you—after all, picking up stray fluff and squeakers is part of pup parenthood. They do it because it’s FUN! Dogs have a mental trophy wall of conquered plush, and each de-fluffed fiend is another happy memory. The Destroyers Club toys are all about having a blast. Stuffed with extra fluff, bunches of squeakers, and built with reinforced seams and tougher-than-average fabric, each and every one is ready for a good time.


For Rough Walkers

Why we love it:

  • Absorbs shock from sudden tugs or lunges
  • Comfortable “glove” handle
  • Adjustable from 36″–48″

Amazon: EzyDog Handy 48 Dog Leash

Sudden jerks and hard pulls on the leash can be your arm’s worst enemy, and increases the likelihood that dogs might pull loose by accident. This “bungee” leash is ideal for runners, dog training, or just everyday strolls, if you can call them that. The neoprene glove grip provides additional control and eliminates escapes, while the shock-absorbing leash keeps your shoulder in its socket.

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