Dog Breed – French Bulldog

Dog Breed – French Bulldog

French Bulldogs are NOT originally from France (go figure). They’re also snorty, loveable, furry mushes. What more do you need to know? Oh you need more? Ok, fine. Read onwards and upwards then!

Fast Facts

Standard Lifespan: 10-12 years
Height Range: 11-13 inches
Weight Range: Under 30 pounds
Best In Class At: Snorting. Snoozing. Cuddling. They’re in the Non-Sporting group, which gives you an idea of their favorite activities.


Motto: “Bat Dog!”

French Bulldogs are snorty little pups who are playful and loving. They like to play, but won’t wear you out by constantly being on the move. They’re perfectly content to lounge around on the couch. They love human contact, so be prepared to take them with you everywhere!

The Stats

Good With Kids: French Bulldogs are loyal and chill. They’re content with people of all ages, especially kids.

Apartment or Ginormous yard?: These dogs don’t need a lot of activity, which makes them a great choice for apartment dwellers.

Salon Needs: The short hair means they don’t need grooming often, but they should be brushed. Be sure to trim their nails and clean their face folds regularly.

Activity Level: They only require minimal activity and don’t overexert them in hot weather.

Smarty-pants degree in: Snorting at weird moments. Also farting. Keep in mind, they can be stubborn when you’re training, but thrive on positive reinforcement. Be prepared with lots of treats! 🙂

Health FYIs: French Bulldogs are a Brachycephalic breed, which means they have a squished face. While it is absolutely adorable, it also means they are prone to breathing problems and don’t do well in the heat and humidity. They’re also susceptile to eye problems, like cataracts, and can develop skin conditions.

Random Factoids:

French Bulldogs are very quiet dogs! They rarely bark at all. They also aren’t swimmers (they sink), so don’t plan on a pool buddy. They were bred as small lap dogs and can be traced back to England. After being taken from England to France, they earned the name French Bulldog.

Best Toys:

Because Frenchies are fairly small dogs, be careful not to give them toys that will overwhelm them. They love to gnaw while they relax with you on the couch, so any kind of chew toy is perfect.

Best Treats:

Frenchies can be gassy little pups, so make sure you’re giving them high-quality healthy treats!

At Game Night They Rock At

Spin the Bottle, ‘cuz they love everyone!

At Game Night They Suck At

Hide and Seek. The smell of their gas gives them away every time.

Want to get a Frenchie? Make sure you do your research and adopt from a local rescue or reputable breeder! If you need help scrolling through dogs in your area, try using the app BarkBuddy, where you can swipe right to the right dog for you! 🙂

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