Dog Breed – Yorkshire Terrier

Dog Breed – Yorkshire Terrier

What is a Yorkshire Terrier?

Part of the Terrier group, Yorkshire Terriers (or Yorkies, as they’re affectionately nicknamed) are feisty little pups originally bred to hunt vermin. However nowadays, they’re more often to be found snuggling in their owners’ laps or guarding gainst the ultimate enemy: The Doorbell.

Fast Facts

Standard lifespan: 11-15 years
Height range: 7 – 8 inches
Weight range:  7-12 pounds
Best In Class At: Making people laugh with their feisty, fun-loving personality. Also, as part of the Terrier group, they have a high prey drive, so make sure you keep them on-leash if there are squirrels or other chase-able small, furry animals around.


Motto: “I may look dainty but I’m still the boss!”
Yorkies are one of the most popular dogs in the U.S. for a reason. With a “big dog” personality in a compact body, these tough terriers make both great watchdogs and entertaining companions. Though notoriously stubborn and strong-willed, Yorkies also have a softer side. At the end of the day, this bold little dog is happy to please their favorite humans—that is, until something more interesting comes along.

The Stats

Good with kids: When introduced to older children properly, Yorkies can potentially make great family dogs. Their fragile and extra-small stature is not compatible with young children though, as they can quickly become overwhelmed by being picked up or handled too roughly.

Apartment or Ginormous yard? Apartment! These teeny terriers are a favorite breed of city-dwellers because of their size, confident nature, and adaptability. If they do have the freedom to run around in a large yard or field, they should be constantly monitored. (Unfortunately, because of their size, they can be vulnerable to predatory birds and other animals).

Salon Needs: While Yorkies shed very lightly, their fur is similar to human hair. Thus, they require frequent washing, brushing and cutting. Some owners also embrace the “Yorkie topknot.” Secured with a tie or bow, this cute hairstyle can help long long hair out of their eyes.

Activity level: This breed can be a suitable hiking or running companion, but they mostly love moderately-paced daily walks. Like most terriers, Yorkies also love a good game of indoor or outdoor fetch. Just make sure to invest in a set of mini tennis balls!

Intelligence type: Inquisitive. These terriers like to know what’s behind every door, as well as what’s inside every pocket.

Health FYIs

Like many toy breeds, the Yorkshire Terrier is susceptible to a luxating patella, a condition in which the kneecap can occasionally dislocate. Although Yorkies are otherwise healthy dogs, they can also suffer from eye problems, especially as they age. Thus, it’s advisable to take them to an ophthalmologist if they start to exhibit discharge or discomfort.

Fun Facts

Due to their luxurious silky coats and petite size, Yorkies are often mistaken for lap dogs and nothing more. Yet, this feisty pup was originally bred to be a ratter. In Scotland, people used them as exterminators, especially in buildings or barns that had tiny terrier-sized spaces where rodents could hide. Known in the northern country as “broken-haired Scotch terriers,” the English later co-opted this perky pup and renamed them after the town of Yorkshire.

Best Toys

Did someone say fetch? Minus the mini tennis balls you’ll need for your Yorkie’s mini mouth, every Yorkie also loves a plush toy to sink their teeth into and shake, especially if it has a squeaker. For more keen-minded and energetic dogs, interactive puzzles will also keep them engaged.

Best Treats

Yorkies love receiving rewards in the form of soft treats during activities, or gnawing on small, safe chews. Yet, when serving up treats, it’s always important to keep portion size in mind. What may serve as a “training treat” for a large breed is a hefty afternoon snack for this tiny terrier.

At Game Night They Rock At

Mouse Trap! Catching critters really goes back to their roots.

At Game Night They Suck At

Losing. Whatever the game is, these proud pups want to walk away with first prize.

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