15 Dachshunds Who Need Their Ears Reset

15 Dachshunds Who Need Their Ears Reset

Dear hooman, if you think you’re having a bad hair day with hair that just can’t be tamed or is just not cooperating no matter how hard you try—at least you’re not a Dachshund with ears that just won’t quit. If you turn the wrong way or get a little too excited about being a Dachshund, your long floppy ears will turn outside and flap around, taking on a life of their own. Think about that, hooman, next time you’re having a bad hair day.

These adorable pooches need some serious ear-flipping back, stat!

1. “I’m mad at you for tickling my belly when you told me we were going for a walk. Just look what you did to my ear!”

doggie ears 1

2. Well, this hat should do the trick.

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3. “I woke up like dis.”

4. “Oooo photo sesh. Does this bandanna around my neck make my ears look fat?”

5. “Wait, whaaaa did you say??”

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6. “You would be tired too if you were carrying these ears around all day.”

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7. Laugh all you want, but this man bun solves the whole ears-flapping-everywhere problem.

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8. “Your sandwich? It’s, uh, thataway.”