dog tilt feature
1. “Wait, I’m confused. Am I the good boy?”
2. “You can’t throw that bottle out. It’s my favorite toy!”
3. “Um…actually, I’m not a big fan of kids.”
4. “How did I get this high up here?”
5. “Are those pictures behind me tilted? Or is it just my head?”
6. “Mom, what’s with all of the pictures?”
7. “I can’t understand what you’re saying; you’re speaking with a Bichon Frise dialect.”
8. *Tilts head* “Huh?!”
9. “What do you mean I look like ‘Tony Montana’? Who is he?”
10. “What did you do with all of the water?”
11. “Where did everybody go?”
12. “What constitutes a good boy? I’m having an existential crisis…”
13. “Who were you calling pretty? Me or the flowers?”
14. “I just brought you the paper, yet there’s no treat…”‘
15. “I don’t understand you and it’s a real pain in the neck.”
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15 German Shepherds Who Don’t Understand You Right Now

German Shepherds are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. That’s no surprise considering how confident, courageous and smart they are. However, despite being as smart as they are, there are times when German Shepherds just don’t understand us. And that makes them even more adorable!

Featured image via @pepper_thegsd/Instagram