15 Things You Should Never Say To A Maltese Owner

15 Things You Should Never Say To A Maltese Owner

Being a Maltese owner is a rewarding experience. Beyond the sheer cuteness of owning a Maltese, you not only have a lovable companion, but also a deep understanding of the breed and what they need. If you know someone with a Maltese, prepare yourself by knowing these things you should never say to a Maltese owner — ever.

1. “He’s a boy, so he doesn’t need a bow. Only girls wear bows.”
Wrong, oh so wrong.


2. “Do you always have to make it a photo op?”
There’s never not a prime time for a photo op when you have a Maltese.


3. “You can’t take them into a snow pile, you’ll lose them.”
Sure they’re white as snow, but you won’t lose them in it. P.S. They LOVE IT.


4. “How much upkeep can a dog possibly need?”
A lot–that beautiful mane needs to be kept in check.


5. “A Maltese is a Maltese when they take a bath.”
Not really. During a bath they magically transform into a Chihuahua.

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6. “You can’t take your Maltese everywhere with you!”
You can and you should. Simply pack them in a cute bag, and go, go go!


7. “They don’t like Starbucks.”
Clearly wrong—-they all have drink preferences.


8. “Having a Maltese is not like having a baby.”
You’re right, it’s much better 🙂 Make sure to brush their teeth before bedtime.


9. “They’re not as athletic as other pooches.”
Not true. These beauties love to play and run like cheetahs. In fact, they look better because their hair flows and bounces when they run.


10. “They can’t fit in a coffee cup.”
Why yes, a teacup Maltese pup can!


11. “They can’t speak, they bark.”
Maltese’s speak to you with their eyes, and they’re saying they love you!


12. “They’re not the most affectionate dogs.”
Clearly wrong.


13. “They don’t know how to twin.”
Uh, twinning!


14. “They don’t know how to hold their own on the red carpet.”
Ooooh yes they can. And they look cute doing it.


15. “They’re not the cutest dogs in the world.”
Wrong. Yes, they are! Look at this pupper in the eyes and say it’s not cute. We dare you.


Featured image via @luisa.accorsi