...remember to breathe so you don't faint from all the feelings you're feeling right now.
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"Maximum occupancy is one dog, thanks."
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Ugh, how can anything be this darn cute?! HOW.
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Is there a law against watching a puppy sleep? Because jailtime would be worth it in this case.
True to wiener form, this little hot dog has one ear up in case someone decides to unwrap a cheese slice.
When your mom came to get you up for school and you faked being sick just to stay home.
Can you hear that? That was your heart exploding with love.
Shh....this little Pug puppy is getting his beauty sleep...
...remember to breathe so you don't faint from all the feelings you're feeling right now.
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You can almost hear the sleepy puppy sighs.
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Here you have a Chihuahua sleeping on a Great Dane, because that's how Chihuahuas roll.
That moment when you get caught staring at your dog while it sleeps.
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How is it that Chihuahuas always look like they're on a throne? #QueenOfPillows
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I've never wanted to climb into a picture as much as I do right now.
So cute you can't even argue with this sassy little mutherpupper.
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Some dogs choose to sleep at the foot of the bed or off to one side. Not this smug tiny ball of fluff.
True comfort is a dog who knows he has a whole bed to himself.
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It is entirely pawssible to fall in ruv with a puppy at first sight. LOOK at that squinkiness. I can't deal.
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When you see it...
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So much room for activities!
It's nice to have enough space for a spooning buddy, but even nicer when you can have it all to yourself.
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"DUDE, I'm trying to sleep in here!"
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BRB, gonna go hyperventilate somewhere because how is this level of adorbs even a thing?
Sweet dreams, little one. You are loved.
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25 Heart-Melting Pics Of Tiny Dogs Snoozing In Huge Places

Most of a dog’s life is spent catching those zzzzz’s, so it’s no surprise pups will sleep anywhere. These tiny dogs just happened to pick the biggest sleeping spots they could find. Prepare to squee until your heart explodes.

Featured image via Sir Earnest Porkchop and @BBAnimals