5 Ridiculously Adorable Instagram Duos You Need to Follow This Month

5 Ridiculously Adorable Instagram Duos You Need to Follow This Month

May we be bold? We scoured the Interwebz and found the cutest of cute that Instagram has to offer. This month, @DogsofInstagram shares our May Round-Up of must-follow Instagram duos, which we’re titling “the Most Adorable Edition.”


10251276_1438850826358745_1800838573_n-1If you’re in pursuit of happiness, it can be found by following Zoey and Jasper, a rescue dog and her little boy. They are quite possibly the most joyful twosome to ever crawl the earth (Jasper’s just 10-months-old). You can find more of their mischief and merry-making here.


529ef670644511e38ab512ca5bee9511_8“Zoe” must be a name reserved for cute canines, as this pair is also half Zoe-the-Dogginess. Together, Zoe and Mister Bailey dispel rumors of feuding species, proving that dogs and cats can live in perfect, loving harmony. From what our Insta-obsession has discovered, they are especially peaceful snugglers.



10249327_270168373164553_2129696092_nSpeaking of peaceful sleepers, have you been into watching Theo and Beau grow during their daily naptime? They claim that “the only thing better than naptime is naptime with a friend!” Individually, they are gushingly sweet. Together, they are the cuddliest of cuties we’ve ever seen!



1889165_271422426361112_1691059909_nThe @DogsofInstagram team did a triple take on this pair. Meet Poobly the Dog and JoeJoe the Capybara, the odd couple. If you’re unfamiliar with this peculiar pet, the capybara is the largest rodent in the world, weighing between 77-146 pounds. @DogsofInstagram highly recommends Googling images of the capybara, which will lead you down a rabbit hole worth digging.




Toby is a three-year-old rescue pup who is the definition of man’s best friend or in his case…baby’s best friend. He and his one-year-old brother have been inseparable from Day One. They hope that their photo journal promotes the adoption of rescues into loving homes.

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