7 Dogs Who Are Mad On The Internet

7 Dogs Who Are Mad On The Internet

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We all like to have a good time online. But we all know that friend or family member… or dog?… who’s always one click away from feeling SIMPLY OUTRAGED! If you’ve got a pup in your life who needs to relax and log off for a minute, these dogs might look familiar to you.

1. This dog who can’t go to bed just yet.


“I swear I’ll be done soon… But some punk on this message board just said Snow Dogs is better than Homeward Bound.”

2. This Shiba with a bone to pick.


“…Furthermore, I found the bushes to be distinctly un-leafy and thus not conducive to peeing nor pooping in privacy. Ergo, I rate Greenboro Hills Dog Park 1 star. And thus concludes my Yelp review.”

3. This penny-pinching Boston Terrier.


“YOU’RE… BUYING… WHAT!?!?!?!?!?”

4. This King Charles Spaniel feeling the weight of his crown…


“I’d love to get back to work, but I’m the only moderator on r/buttsniffers. I can’t let the trolls besmirch this precious space.”

5. This Yorkie who cannot BELIEVE what she just saw.


“I was just searching for a ‘nice pot’ for my garden! What are these HOOLIGANS posting about???”

6. This dog who really doesn’t need any more pressure from Mom…


“OMG- Ugh. ANOTHER friend getting engaged?? I gotta get off Facebark, I’m so sick of this.”

7. Actually, this pup seems fine! Oh wait… Oh no…


“Me, mad? Ha, nah, I’m as happy as a clam! But my YouTube alias, [email protected] – yeah, he gets pretty nasty.”

Take a chill pill, pups! The internet can be a feisty place. Just count to ten, maybe take a walk, and get some rest in a nice comfy dog bed.

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