Some dogs love their moms and dads soooooooo much that they just can't help but want to be near them 24/7. They're so clingy, it's as if they're made of Velcro. And some breeds are clingier than others. Here's 9 of the most over-attached breeds we know.
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1. Akitas - "I missed you so much! Don't ever go to the bathroom again."
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2. Labrador Retrievers - "It's a good thing you're a velcro-human, or this would just be weird."
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4. Italian Greyhounds - "If I let you up, do you promise not to get another dog?"
5. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - "I will only ever breath the same air as you."
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6. Vizsla - "Get your own hooman."
7. Brussels Griffon - "You don't really think you're going on a walk without me, do you?"
8. Great Dane - "I'm in his lap, and I'm a dog. What don't you get?" #YouAreNotALapDog
9. Staffordshire Terrier - "I'd ask you to take a picture of my good side, but it's busy touching my mom right now."
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9 Dog Breeds Who Are Begging For Your Cuddle Time

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