"I am not a doll! This is overkill."
"I'm so depressed. Please don't talk to me."
"What just happened? One minute I'm rolling around loving life, then I'm in a tub!"
"I can't believe you just did that to me. Just wait till I am done drying."
"What the heck was that? I'm so scared I can barely open my eyes."
"I am not talking to you right now! You know I liked being dirty!"
"That's it, you are not my friend."
"I hate you right now. I feel like I was robbed of my dignity."
"I am traumatized for life! Please cover me up."
"You humans are evil. We shall never speak about this again."
"Why would you do this to me? I need a hug."
"Don't touch me! I am totes pissed right now and cuddles will not fix that."
"I can't believe this just happened. Look at my face. Do you understand how unhappy I am?"
"I can't be any madder at you! Don't be surprised when I poop in your shoe."
"Please explain why you did this to me! I thought we were friends."
"This is my angry face! I look pathetic!"
"I will get even. You know I know where you sleep."
"A shower cap really? Do I look like a 90-year old lady?"
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18 Dogs Who Don’t Approve Of This Water Torture You Call “Bath Time”

Most dogs are never thrilled to have a bath, but at some point, they usually give up and accept their inevitable soapy demise. You can try a rubber ducky, ample treats, and all the faux-hawk temporary hair styles that you like, but you’re still going to have an annoyed pup on your hands, and that’s before they endure the dryer. Take a look at these pups who wish they could abolish bath time forever.

Feature Image: oodlesofpoodleshfx/ Instagram