AVAST YE! BarkBox Unboxing Video Contest!

AVAST YE! BarkBox Unboxing Video Contest!

AHOY, LANDLUBBERS. We here at BARK are in search of a pirate. But not just any pirate… A kid pirate with a pup for a crew! Should you choose to embark on this adventure, you and your canine crew could take home the tastiest treasure a sea-farin’ dog could ask for: A FREE YEAR OF BARKBOX.

What do ye’ need to do to find this toy-filled tub o’ treasure?

No maps or X’s are needed (dogs can’t read maps, ya scurvy dingus!) No, to embark on this grand adventure send us videos of you and your furry first mate unboxing April’s BarkBox “BarkBeard’s Treasure: A Pirate’s Tail” together! We’ll be choosin’ our favorite scallywags to send 12 months of treats, toys, and surprises! That’s a whole lotta dubloons saved, and a whole lot of fun for you and your crew!

AVAST! Pay close attention to the rules! We’d hate to see your video fall overboard.


1. Record a video of you & your family’s unboxing of your April BarkBox “BarkBeard’s Treasure: A Pirate’s Tail.

2. Email your video (link to the video, or attached video file) to [email protected] before 11:59 pm ET  April 26, 2018.

3. Be sure to include your BarkBox shipping address in your email so we can locate your account!

TIP: Remember to film your video in a well-lit room! No one likes a video that looks like it was shot in the belly of the boat!

NOW SET SAIL, pirates! If you want some creative inspiration, check out our unboxings with Jonathan and our favorite geriatric pug, Noodle!

And now the legal stuff! Find our detailed rules here. Even pirates have to follow rules sometimes.