frenchie pickles
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1. "Hey you, got a second? I have a belly that would make your hands VERY happy."
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2. Triple the bellies, triple the fun!
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3. The most elegant of requests for a belly rub.
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4. “No, don’t stop! I want more belly rubs!”
5. “Who wants a belly rub? I do! I do!”
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6. The best way to wake a sleeping princess is with a gentle and thorough rub to the belly.
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7. “What are you waiting for? I’m ready already!”
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8. You ready to find my sweet spot?
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9. Come on now, this belly’s not going to rub itself!
10. We need two corgi rubs for these pups, STAT!
11. I’m not looking – I want it to be a surprise!
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12. Floppy ears, big smile, paws up! I’m in position—ready, set, pet!
13. Yeah…That’s it… that’s the spot…
14. It’s 5:02. You are two minutes late on the belly rub I ordered. Should have gone with Seamless.
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15. My belly is a magic lamp… rub and I will grant you three wishes. Maybe.
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16. My tummy is very demanding. It requires either a treat or a rub immediately.
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17. You wouldn’t dare say no to this Golden Retriever puppy, would you?
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18. Please sir, may I have one more rub?
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19. You… want to see my belly? Well, I suppose… if you give me a belly rub… it’ll be… okay?
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20. You’re hired! You can start immediately. My belly awaits.
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20 Dogs Who Demand That You Stop, Drop, And Rub Their Bellies

You may have mastered the art of saying “no” to your dog’s pawthetic eyes and pleading expression when she’s begging for some of your dinner, but I bet you can’t resist it when your pup is beggin’ for belly rub. No one can say no to an upside-down dog, with their Frito feets in the air and a soft fluffy belly that’s practically screaming “PET ME!”

We’ve rounded up 20 of the cutest pups who would be pawsitively tickled if you gave their tummies a good ol’ rub.

Featured image via @frenchiepickles.