Husky + Shepherd = Shepusky
Beagle + Husky = Beasky
Boxer + Husky = Boxsky
Catahoula Leopard Dog + Husky = Catahuskla Leopy Dog
Malamute + Husky = Malhuskmute
Border Collie + Husky = Bordsky Collie
Basset Hound + Husky = Hussketsky Hound
Chow Chow + Husky = Husk Husk
Rottweiler +Husky = Huskweiler
German Shepherd + Husky = Huskman Shepsky
Bull Terrier + Husky = Busk Terry
Pomeranian + Husky = Pomsky
Mastiff + Husky = Muskiff
Australian Shepherd + Husky = Ausky Shepherd
Pitbull + Husky = Pitsky
Akita + Husky = Huskita
Source: DRTYDINGO/Imgur
Shar Pei + Husky = Husk Pei
Great Pyrenees + Husky = Great Huskyenees
Boston Terrier + Husky = Buskton Terrier
Poodle + Husky = Hoodsky
Bulldog + Husky = Buskdoggy
Corgi + Husky = Horgi
Pug + Husky = Hugsky
Collie + Husky = Huskollie
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24 Dog Breeds Mixed With Husky

Huskies are stinkin’ cute. When you mix Huskies with other breeds it’s super stinkin’ cute. Here are 24 dog breeds mixed with Husky so that you can get your daily dose of super duper stinkin’ cute stuff.

Featured image via Gurty/Reddit

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