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He backin' on up for a hug.
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Source: Imgur
When bae act all cool but really he desperate for hugs.
A hug from her human is not enough to satiate this pupper's thirst for cuddles.
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He's gonna keep harassing his dad until you hug him.
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The only thing that could make this pup smile bigger would be a hug from you.
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Staring into the abyss, all like "when will I be hugged?"
Getcho bum over here and embrace me!
When he kissin on u, but all u can think about is how much u wish the person reading this would hug their computer screen
This guy would be the floofiest hugging partner.
Fresh & clean & ready for hugs.
This guy would be the floofiest hugging partner.
Group hugs are nice. Get on in there.
Look at this hunka-hunka-burnin'-love who definitely needs your hugs.
Quick! Comfort him with a hug!
I hear if you give this dude a hug, he'll probably give ya a couple of smooches, too.
Go ahead and make a hug sandwich with these guys!
He might seem unapproachable because of his throne... but I guarantee he will respond heartily to your hugs.
I bet this guy gives great hugs.
Lil baby looks so nervous! Your hugs will put him at ease!
Ya gotta. Go on, hug it out.
Melt this bad boy with a big old hug.
This guy is great at hugging ankles.
Scoop him on up and hug him already!
The only thing better than a hug from a purple dinosaur is a hug from YOU.
This dude is a little anxious about flying. I hear the best chill-pill is a hug.
Baby, it's cold outside! Warm him up with a hug!
Won't you hug him please? Pleeeeaseeee?
Dog burrito, now conveniently wrapped for more hug-ability.
You know the saying: two huskies in a bowl, hug them.
Why won't you hug me? Afraid you'll never stop if you start?
Extending an olive branch for hugs.
R U ready 2 hug me yet?
You won't hug a dog, but will you hug a sandwich?
Source: Imgur
He's been so happy ever since he heard it through the grapevine that you're gonna hug him! Don't let him down!
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Can You Make It Through These 35 Puppy Pictures Without Hugging The Screen?

Puppies are itty bitty, teeny tiny, pocket-sized slices of heaven sent to make feel joy and say “d’aww.”  Do you have what it takes to get through this list of puppy pics without cuddlin’ on up to your computer screen? Dog speed.

comeback gif

…Although, why you would even WANT to get through this list without cuddlin’ on up to your computer screen is beyond me…

Seriously, zero judgments if you can’t get past photo #2 without hugging that screen. These dudes are mega cute.

Featured image via @pulavskayaaa