Source: Golden PetStore
This heroic dingus whose super cool costume is #aTHORable
This gal, Lula, who likes her sunglasses like she likes her ice cream: extra cool.
This classic cool crooner, Doug, who is most likely to be found performing Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan covers at your local coffee shop.
This dapper doggo, Lord Remington of Linderwood (AKA Remy), serving as the ringbearer for his hooman's special day!
Source: ABC News
This cool pupper, Jo Jo, who works as a comfort dog for kids at a dentist's office in Illinois. Keep up the good work, cutie!
This super mom who shows us all that she's not a regular mom. She's a cool mom.
Source: AP/GregoryBull
This nine-year-old Golden, King, who is 90 pounds of surfer-cool on a 2 pound bar of board wax.
Source: Animalosity
This frosty snow monster who really knows what it means to be a "cool" dog.
This adorable little Disney doggie, who shows us that no matter your age, it's still totally cool to wear mouse ears when you go to Disney World.
Cody, a golden oldie golden, who firmly believes that #ballislife.
This happy face, Smiley, who despite being born without eyes works as a therapy dog for children. Pretty much the embodiment of a cool dog, if you ask us!
This smooth operator, Charlie Brown, who understands the importance of surprising you with flowers.
This adventurous fur-ambassador of the Adirondacks, Aspen, who shows us that the natural beauty of the great outdoors is beyond cool!
This ultra cool EDM fan, Chips, who simply must show you this Deep House mix he just found on SoundCloud.
And finally, the coolest of all - the pupper who LOVES his BarkBox! We can relate, little man.
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15 Of The Coolest Golden Retrievers. Period.

They aren’t called GOLDEN Retrievers just for their golden coat. These pups are superstars when it comes to…well, everything! To prove it, here are some of the coolest Goldens in their natural habitat: doing everything that makes them the coolest of the cool!

Featured image via @life_of_howard/instagram