Win The Ultimate Box Of Noms And Toys By Playing Dress Up With Your Pup!

Win The Ultimate Box Of Noms And Toys By Playing Dress Up With Your Pup!

#Costumepalooza is upon us and we’re calling on all hoomans to show us their dog’s spirit animal! Have you ever looked at your dog and thought they were definitely another animal in another life? Now’s your chance to show us!

Read on for examples, more incentives and how to participate!

Does your dog have the tranquil strength and determination of a panda?

Costumepalooza - RemixTheDogPanda

Or does your dog like to inch through the park like a caterpillar?

Costumepalooza - RemixCaterpillar

Even better, does your dog have the mighty roar of a courageous direwolf?

Costumepalooza - RemixDirewolf

It’s pretty easy for you to see your dog’s spirit animal but from May 12 – 18, we want to share your dog’s spirit animal with the world.


1. Enter your email above for the chance to win 12 FREE months of BarkBox!

2. Post a picture or video of your pet dressed up as their spirit animal.

3. Tag #Costumepalooza and @BarkBox in the caption.

4. Tag a friend and challenge them to reveal their spirit animal too!


– Include in your caption.

– This links to a sweepstake page where people can enter their email for the chance to win pawesome prizes — while you’re at it, go ahead and enter yourself too! 😀

ONE Grand Prize Winner will get a 12 month BarkBox subscription

TWO Runners Up will get a 3 month BarkBox subscription


1. Features in all the right places on Instagram (see above)

2. TWO newsletters will be sent out to an audience of 2.5 million readers and we will feature ONE participating account in the headline banner of each one.

3. TWO Bark Post articles will be going up during the campaign and ONE wrap-up post with ~ 10 participating accounts featured in each.

Featured image via Penny The Pomeagle Facebook