Dog And Deer Frolic And Play The Day Away In A Christmas Wonderland

Carla the Labrador always has the Christmas spirit. She couldn’t a “bah humbark!” if she wanted to – because she lives on a Christmas tree farm in Germany. Her life is 24/7 Christmas.

Her life got even more magical when she met Peterle over a year ago. When they first met, Peterle was a tiny fawn with no mother. Carla instantly took to the deer and became somewhat of a foster mom to him. The dog’s humans, Helga and Andreas, nursed the deer on goat’s milk for six months. Then they released him back into the forest.

deer and dog bffs

But the deer couldn’t forget the Lab who cared for him. The two frolic and play every day in the 200 year old Christmas tree farm they both call home. Helga and Andreas have put a bright orange collar on the stag to prevent hunters from hurting him.

Make sure you watch the video above to catch a glimpse of the two best friends on one of their daily romps around the farm.

h/t NBC News.