16 Dogs Who Proposed Marriage For Their Humans

16 Dogs Who Proposed Marriage For Their Humans

It’s hard to find “The One.” (Pawsonally, as a single girl I’m starting to think it’d be easier to find the abominable snowman walking the streets of NYC than an available man…) But I digress 😉 Whether you’re single and looking, getting serious, recently engaged, or long-term hitched, these pups proposing on behalf of their hoomans are sure to warm your heart.

1. “Dad said to come over here and look cute. Did I succeed?”

2. “Please? I’d love someone to cook real food in this kitchen.”

3. “I’m gonna eat the cookie. I’M GONNA EAT THE COOKIE!!!!”

4. “It’s all any of us want for Christmas.”

Marry Me

5. “I earned this massage.” #GoodWorkDog

Marry Me

6. “Hehehe… I know what’s in the box. Can you guess, mommy?”

Marry Me

7. “Wake me up when she says ‘yes’.”

Marry Me

8. “How long do I have to stand like this?”

Marry Me

9. “He made you this sign all by himself!”

Marry Me

10. “I’ll be so sad if you say no.”

Marry me

11. “I don’t know if the tie was necessary…”


12. “I have no idea what’s going on.”


13. “If you could do it quickly that’d be great because these toys are waiting for me.”

14. “This ring will soon disappear in the fluff… move fast!”


15. “Well technically, not me. My dad. But I think you get it.”


16. “What’s on my nose? It tickles.”


Featured image via drv79 Instagram