Geordi went from “Why are you pointing that thing at me?” to “Make sure you get my good side!”
Source: @meeshmosh
Looks like London transformed from baby raccoon to beautiful Corgi!
Source: @melissamale
Dakota found her old pumpkin toy… and she’s disappointed that it seems to have shrunk.
Bama the Pitbull loving cuddles from day one.
Source: @linusthecorgi
Linus exhibiting a dramatic coat change! But those handsome eyes have still remained.
Who knew going from 8 weeks to 5 years old would bring on a lovely change of eye color for Luna
Source: @sookpit
Ivy the Pitbull has always been rockin’ those eyes you just can’t say no to!
Source: @riley_pup
It seems that Riley has always known how to dress and accessorize.
Source: @kaia_the_ausky
That “When are you going to feed me?” face, perfected since puppyhood by Kaia.
This corgi duo has perfected the now-and-then, cheesy smiles included!
Source: @gsd_halvor
One day Halvor fits in the palm of your hand, the next day… well, not so much.
Source: @jessicaatrinhh
Kodi’s head now is the size of his body as a baby!
Source: @preciousyoo
Kona has always known the secret to getting those treats: keep your eyes on the prize and smile big and wide.
Source: @3pitsinachair
Dogs will be dogs… always and forever the same.
Source: @parkerthecorgi
Parker went from one ear up to two ears up!
Source: @wakeup_maggi
Watson has still got the same puppy dog eyes, but his choice of bow tie is different now. Gotta keep up with the current fashion trends, you know?
Source: @lillytheaussie
Lilly shows us the most elegant way to wait for humans to throw the ball.
Source: @geordi_lacorgi
Geordi went from “Why are you pointing that thing at me?” to “Make sure you get my good side!”
Source: @otisbarkington
Otis having a conversation with his past floppy-eared self.
Directions: just add water, food, and TLC and watch the Seeley grow!
Source: @sashachowchow
Sasha now has half the fluff but double the love!
Source: @iheartmiles
Miles has always had a love for sunbathing at the beach.
Source: @tobyy007
Toby has always been the master of awkwardly adorable sleeping positions.
Source: @gq_dudley
Took a few months, but Dudley grew into that sweater and perfected his cover-photo pose.
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All Grown Up: 23 Celebrity Dogs As Puppies

Who doesn’t love a good before-and-after photo? It’s always interesting and adorable to see how young’ns transform into adult dogs, so here to brighten your day are some adorable Instagram pups and their Now and Then shots.

Featured image via @geordi_lacorgi