15 Dogs Being Extremely Helpful

15 Dogs Being Extremely Helpful

These dogs know how to lend a helping paw.

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1. Jerome

“No, please, allow me.”

2. Hank

“Wendy, don’t be silly, I got this.”

3. Georgio

“Okay, push on 3… 2… 1…”

4. Patty

“What? Oh, I’m just on my way to distribute these to the homeless.”

5. Vernon

“How do you like your eggs?”

6. Vera

“Now see, Sandra? See how I keep my core tightened? Help me off and you try now.”

7. Daisy

“Got the oil changed and had it detailed for you. Might want to watch that back left brake–sounds a bit squeaky.”

8. Brewster

“Ready for me?”

9. Wanda, Wendy, and Wilbur

“That a way, she’s coming up nicely. Maybe a little more to the right.”

10. Brock

“No, no, let’s keep talking until the strange noise goes away and you can fall asleep.”

11. Lisa

“I just finished guiding my blind owner across the street. And I decided to surprise her with this pizza I nabbed along the way.”

12. Tundra, Storm, Blitz, Tooth, Gyro, Lester

“That’a way! Just keep following our butts!”

13. Koufax

“John, I just can’t get over how grown up you look. Mom and Dad are going to be so proud.”

14. Pootie

“Don’t tell my owner, but I’ve been zeroing her scale on my weight so she feels thin. She works so hard, she deserves to feel confident. “

15. Jesse

“It might not look like I’m doing much, but my owners bought this second hand for their kid and I was like, ‘Guys. You should really get someone to test it out–make sure it’s safe.’ “