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1. Happy birfday to meee…
2. It’s my day (and I know it)!
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3. You shouldn’t have!
4. No really, you shouldn’t have…
5. So beautiful…
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6. So who’s gonna start the singing?
7. My favorite flavor of cake is hot dog!
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8. My favorite kind of cake is sausage!
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9. Sheet cake? No, it’s a treat cake!
10. But a steak cake is even better!
11. Now what should I wish for…
12. Psst! Save some for the rest of us!
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13. Oops, I ated the candle…
14. Cake is deelishiss.
15. I just like the frosting.
16. So festive!
17. What could be better than a birthday? TWO birthdays!
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18. Here’s to a happy, healthy year!
19. Dress in your birthday best.
20. Presents, plz.
21. Now everyone knows my real age.
22. No, you’ve had too much to drink!
23. A birthday is no reason to lose one’s dignity.
24. This was fun.
25. Now put on your jammies, this just became a slumber party!
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25 Dogs Having The Most Adorable Birthday Parties Ever

Like any other mammal, dogs are born. Hence they are entitled to a birthday party. It’s just science.

More and more, dog parents the world over are taking the time to honor the day their beloved pupper came into the world (or at least into their lives). And like anyone with a shred of joy in them, the doggies are loving the annual attention. Here are some of our favorite pooches feeling the birthday love.

Featured image via @rachelburkephotography