11 Dogs Rolling Around On Rugs Like Doofuses For No Reason

11 Dogs Rolling Around On Rugs Like Doofuses For No Reason

There’s nothing better than watching a dog roll around on its back like a complete and total doofus. They just look like they’re bicycling on their back, and honestly, it never gets old. So we compiled a roundup of some of our favorites that we think you’ll enjoy:

1. He knows you’re watching, and he knows you’re impressed.

2. This dog who believes his stuffed animal friend is rolling right along with him.

3. This dog who is so busy pouting he forgot to roll.

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4. A cat is unimpressed. Nothing new here.


5. Guess we shouldn’t have taken the stairs.


6. This dog who only paused in his rolling to contemplate if these paws are actually his paws.


7. This little buddy who rolled right into some bubble wrap.


8. This English bulldog who doesn’t know what he’s doing or why — only that he is having the time of his life.


9. This dude who doesn’t know how to make the room stop spinning.

10. This dog who stopped his rolling for a quick pet before getting right back to work.

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11. The exception to the trend: this dog, whose rolling (FOR ONCE) has a clear function.

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