Dog-friendly stores are becoming more popular, which means that dogs are spending more money than ever. They’re buying treats, home decor, jewelry, even electronics! Most dog-friendly stores require that your pup survey their kingdom from the safety of a shopping cart, which means there are lots of pup-ortunities for cute pics! We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite shopaholic puppers who can’t wait to spend their humans’ money.
"OMG you're not suggesting that I need glasses are you?"
"Yeah, that's right I got a sugar mama!"
"I am so zen I just don't care where I am."
"You said we were going to the pet store. Why are we here?"
"I'm just chilling with my best monkey. There's no monkey business going on I swear."
"I need more toys upon which to stand so you can better admire my booty!"
"This can't be all you're buying me. You love me more than this don't you?"
"I got the best spot in the shop and a human to be my slave."
"This is not the pet store! If you bring one more knickknack in the house I will destroy you."
"Treats? Are we there yet? Lets go!"
"What are all these boxes? Can I eat what's in them?"
"Can't you shop with me in your arms? This is the lazy way, mom."
"You may stop here for a while, chauffeur."
"I got this. Don't worry I'm a strong girl."
"I get treated like a king and king I am."
"I'm ready to check out. Human, give me your credit card!"
"This is the highlight of my day."
"I can now look down upon the world! Victory is mine!"
"Home improvement, I love this. Destroy one rug, and they just buy another one."
"What are you looking at? Don't mess with me or I'll give you the paw!"
"This cart is pretty comfy. Can we keep it?"
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21 Dogs Who Can’t Wait To Spend All Of Your Money At The Store

Remember to double check with your store to make sure it’s okay to shop with your furry BFF and never bring a dog that’s not a service dog into a store that isn’t pupper-friendly. Also, make sure your pup is well-behaved around other hoomans, kids, and dogs before taking them on a shopping spree.

Featured Image via DC Shiba Inu Rescue/Facebook