Dogs Sitting on Other Dogs – Facebook Fan Edition

Dogs Sitting on Other Dogs – Facebook Fan Edition

As you know, we here at The BarkPost love our Facebook followers.  We also love it when you post comments and photos on our Facebook page.  And after reading 20 Nincompoop Jerks of Dogs Sitting on Other Dogs, many of you posted pictures of your own hilarious pups sitting on other dogs!

So, in pawnor of your awesome photos and to say thank you for posting them, this article features all of YOUR pup photos that you posted on our Facebook page!  Enjoy!

1. “Just let me sit on you a little longer.  I can almost smell the hot dogs at the Walker’s cookout.”

Dog 3

Image via Amanda Spencer

2. What Jethro doesn’t know is that Storm is preparing her revenge later…

3. “Hold on, let me just get comfortable here.  Do you mind if I sit on your head?  Bark twice if you mind if I sit on your head.”

4. “I told you, if you didn’t get off my blanket, I would just sit on you.  You were warned.”

Dog 12

Image via Marie Carly

5. “Listen Mamz, I’m a diva doge, and I can’t be sitting on these hard tile floors, so my fluffy sibling will have to suffice.”

Dog 5

Image via Julie Price

6. “Go away, this doesn’t concern you…”

Dog 15

Image via Haylee Stinson

7. “I told you, if you ruined this episode of the ‘Dog Whisperer’ for me, I was going to sit on your head!”

Dog 16

Image via John Burns

8. “I just…I just don’t know man.  Mamz told me it’s real bacon, but how do I know for sure?”

Dog 6

Image via Haley Stier

9. Mia took the last treat.  That didn’t ‘sit’ well with Barney.


Image via Sarah Merten

10. “We’re just chillin’ out maxin’ relaxin’ all cool, burying tennis balls outside our school.”

Dog 7

Image via Stacy O Bat

11. This is the rare, “One dog used as a pillow and the other used as a chair” technique.

12. “Ok, so I thought it was a dog.  It’s just as fluffy, and it poops delicious treats into a box of sand.”

Dog 8

Image via Shannon Wersal

13. “No, no, no, trust me, we both agreed to this seating arrangement.”

14. The pup on top is up to no good.  Look at that smirk.


Image via Stefanie Renee

15. “We told you we needed two of these chairs!”

Dog 10

Image via Kelsey Herbst

16. “Don’t worry about him, I’m the only one who wants to stick my head out the window.”

dog 1

Image via Mika Hamm

17. Nap time snugs are best when you stack pups.

Dog 11

Image via Bobbie Owens

18. Samson does not look amused about Sofia claiming him as her new chair.

19. “I love my new golden rug!  Except sometimes it moves…”

20. Another boxer snuggle session.  Glorious.

21. Jack told Toby this is how the hoomans sit, too.  Toby is now suspicious this is a lie.

Dog 13

Image via Carrie Lynn

22. “I just, I just can’t deal with this today.  Go ahead and sit on me.”

Dog 17

Image via Ryan Lee Wasson

23. “Well, it started out as tug of war with the carrot and somehow evolved into this.”

24. “Please Mamz, just let me sit here.  Look, I’ll give you the puppy dog eyes.”

25. “Hey dude, this cool with you?  Actually, don’t answer that, because I’m not moving.”

Dog 24

Image via Kristin Hamel

26. “What is this ground made of, ice?  No way I’m sitting not that when I have a fluffy sibling as a perfect chair!”

27. Remember, no matter how many comfy beds you buy them, dogs sleep where they want to sleep.

Dog 26

Image via Ashley Matson

28. “Don’t bother us, we are in the middle of a ‘Paw and Order’ marathon.”

Dog 28

Image via Nicole Smith

29. “To be pawfectly honest, we both wanted to sit on the rug.  I lost…but I still won.”

30. “Ugh, this is ridiculous.”

Dog 29

Image via Nora Aislinn