15 Derpy Dogs Adorably Stuck In Couch Cushions

15 Derpy Dogs Adorably Stuck In Couch Cushions

Okay, look. Some dogs don’t get snow. Some find water baffling. Some cannot even comprehend their own bodily functions. But a select few are just so intrigued by human contraptions that all common sense goes out the doggie door.

15 of said dogs are here to tell their stories.

1. “Goodbye sweet world… filled with belly rubs and snacks. You were kind.”

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2. “‘Titanic’ came on and I tried to recline. Your couch tried to eat me.”

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3. “Day three since I became infected with the virus. The humans have not noticed.”

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4. “I regret every decision that led up to this moment.”

5. “My name must be ‘Remote,’ because the humans keep saying it gets lost in here.”

6. “One small Bernie sammich, order up.”

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7. “Could we maybe turn the AC on? I’m beginning to melt.”


8. “I shimmy myself in here sometimes just so I can feel like Ariel on the rock.”


9. “Hi there, hooman. How was work?”

german shep head body copy

10. “I was just… trying to reach something. I’ll be there in a sec, just gimme a—okay help.”

11. The listing said the couch contained some large pits. I don’t know what you expected.”


12. “Here’s my potato impression. Get it? Ahh, you get it.”

collie puppy

13. “Hey friends. Wanna buy some biscuits?”

shih tzu

14. “It all came down so fast. I didn’t have time to escape.”

black chi

15. “Iz dis how yous couch?”


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