"Jokes on you, Pop. I'm pooping in this caboose."
"I wish I knew how to quit you...Dad"
"This is humiliating. I have a master's degree in classical literature."
"Welp, she's been gone for two minutes, might as well lay down in traffic."
"In case of fire, remove wiener."
"I have half a mind to hop on this Rascal and bolt off! Well, putter off."
"I'm giving him the silent treatment when he gets back."
"I just hope that cup of coffee is worth it. I really do."
"I mean... it's just lazy! There's a FULL length pole right in front of me."
Source: @MinkeSoolsma
"First she ties me to a bike rack, then she leaves me with a chaperone. No respect. NO RESPECT!"
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Dogs Waiting For Their Owners To Finish Shopping Is Wretchedly Cute

Note: If you find yourself in a situation where you need to go inside, but can’t bring your pup with you, just use common sense. Don’t leave them alone too long and remember there are nutters out there!

After years of traveling on the road, singer/songwriter Minke Soolsma has seen a lot of exotic sights. However, the Dutch musician and animal lover, had come to learns that there’s one heart rending scene that pervades all cities and towns… The tragic tableau that is a dog tied up outside waiting for his/her hooman. The artist has over 350 pictures of patient pups tied up outside various stores! Don’t worry pups, they’ll be back soon, and remember, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Featured image via Dogs Waiting In Berlin
H/t via The Creators Project