5 French Bulldog Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow Immediately

5 French Bulldog Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow Immediately

Ooh la la! Pardon our French, as we love all kinds of pups, but we’re feeling French Bulldogs this month. @DogsofInstagram shares some must-follow French Bulldogs on Instagram.




Forget middle name, Danger, is the pooch’s first and only name! Danger, a wildly eccentric personality all his own, is taking the streets of LA by storm. And a quiet, hipster storm at that.




Milly is silly! Less than a year old, we’ve enjoyed watching Little Millicent grow. We’re wondering, however, if she’ll pull a “Lil Bow Wow” and drop the “Little” part of her name when she’s fully grown.




As if off a Parisian runway, little Renè-Charles lives a pretty sophisticated life. Peep his photos for the latest in doggy fashion.


stitchbully & cesar_frenchie

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We’re told there are familial ties between these two frenching Frenchies. From what we can gather, there is some double dating among dog and human couples happening – très chic! Between the two accounts, you’ll find more costumes and Frenchie ridiculousness than you could have ever imagined!



-1What’s better than one Frenchie? Un, deux, trois! Count them – THREE French Bulldogs! Good things come in threes.


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