In an epic game of "Who wore it better?," mom Jesse Holland takes photos of her daughter Ella and dog Charlie each day. The adorable duo are featured side by side in the same photo composition and the same props, even the same outfit at times! Her Tumblr blog, handfulsoftrouble, is taking off by storm and the results are touchingly sweet and aesthetically pleasing.
"Pawsonally, I prefer Allen Ginsberg over Jack Kerouac."
Flashing some Canadian pride.
"I'm not going to school without my meat nuggets."
"Hey! I'll fake sleep and you'll go to the kitchen and get treats, deal?"
Looking out into the distance in wonder.
Fitting pawfectly inside shopping bags.
"I prefer the left side."
"Let's build a fort."
"She started it."
"I like feeling pawtected in my burrito on a rainy day."
"Is this how I really look?"
"Hey, I thought I just heard you open a food container..."
"Do you think Mom will be upset if we watch Minions for the fourth time in three days?"
Art gallery ready.
"How much longer do I have to hold this pose?"
The best kind of monkey business.
"A tweed blazer is my autumn must have."
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20 Times This Girl And Her Terrier Hilariously Compete To See “Who Wore It Better”

H/t Elite Daily and images via handfulsoftrouble